Now here in Part 2 I am going to talk about what has been done to me during the last 18 years by the Secret Underground Society Network. You will see how THEY operate and the kind of EVIL that is inherent inside their souls as is reflected in their actions to HARM innocent people.

Now I will state right off the bat here in part 2 that I am not going to use any real names of people. Because these Secret Underground Society shits will be reading this doc too. Since I don't have millions of dollars to hire an attorney to save my ass from some Secret Underground Society nut that may take me to court for using his or her name here just so that they can inflict more HARM and to make me be forced to go BANKRUPT, no real names are going to be used here. In other words the one hundred and twenty dollars in my savings account isn't going to save my ass from them.

So lets begin. I have a carton of cigarettes here and I am ready to start.

Back in the 1960's when I was a young man in my 20's I got a job as a mathematician with the US Government, Department of The Army, as a civilian employee. I was living in the Quad Cities, two towns on the Iowa side with two towns on the Illinois side, with the Mississippi river running between them.

As I had just started work and had sent out a ton of resumes to all sorts of employers, I got a letter from NSA (National Security Agency) for me to call them about a job opportunity. So when I was at work I called them from a pay phone. I will always remember the guy on the phone telling me that "We know everything about you.". Didn't really dawn on me what this really meant since I was rather naive and I told the guy that I already got a job and that was that. So much for this little bit of history.

Now when I was still working here in the Quad Cities as a civilian employee I remember that one day I called my parents back in New York State and my mother, I think it was her, told me that the CIA (Central Intellegence Agency) called asking them where I was living now. My mother said that my father told them where I was living which was obviously in the Quad Cities since that is where I was now.

Also I remember getting a letter from the CIA when I was still working back in the Quad Cities telling me that they would like to interview me up in Iowa City which was about 55 miles from me. Remember that I had sent out a hell of a lot of resumes to people looking for a job prior to when I took the job with the Department of the Army. So apparently the CIA did locate me thanks to mom and dad as if the fuck THEY didn't already know where the hell I was. So I wrote a letter back to the CIA up in Iowa City telling them that I already got a job and maybe sometime in the future I will be interested again in working for them. I was a very good naive shit in my late 20's wasn't I! CLEAN (see Part 1 for the definition of CLEAN) as a whistle too.

Now while I was living in the Quad Cities I was running around with a woman which I met and eventually married. She shared an apartment with another woman and I had my apartment. But I remember an interesting thing that happened. One day when I came home from work and got my mail, I noticed that one piece of my mail was addressed to a Mr. & Mrs. Robert Desko. Hmmm. I knew somebody was screwing around with me since I usually never got any mail on a daily basis and had not known the woman very long. I can remember today what I thought back then that "The CIA is watching me.". To bad that I didn't know then what I know now that instead it was the Secret Underground Society!

So I got married while living in the Quad Cities and had a daughter. After living here maybe for 5-6 years I took a job promotion in civil service grade and we all packed up our bags and headed out for Lawton, Oklahoma. While living in Oklahoma, I was now an Operations Research Analyst still working for the Department of the Army.

Now I have to digress here a little and talk about something very important because it comes into play later many times in this doc.

I joined a mystical organization when I was 19 years old. So now for approximately 11 years, I had been a member of this organization since I was very interested in psychic phenomenon and realized when I was 18 years old that the answers were within me and not external from me. During these 11 years, I had my full of psychic visions and in fact was keeping a note book full of the descriptions of all of the psychic experiences I had.

Now one night when my wife and I were asleep, bam I had another vision. Here is what happened.

I felt myself as a spirit undergoing astral projection moving upwards towards white light with somebody taking me towards it. I heard this person tell me "Don't look behind you, don't look to the left or right, just look in front of you.".

The vision only lasted a very short time and bam back to sleep I went. Now the next day I wrote a letter to the organization I belonged to about this experience and told them the following:

I told them that "I felt that I had just joined the Great White Brotherhood.".

Stupid, stupid, stupid, me. For all I know I had mental bullshit flowing through my brains in its meaning to me in my interpretation of the vision.

For the readers here who don't know what the hell the Great White Brotherhood is I will repeat the definition as was given in Part 1, it is a group of highly evolved mystics or spiritual people who through many incarnations have evolved their consciousness in the understanding and manipulation of Cosmic (spiritual) principles and are living on our planet with the mission of watching over the Earth to HELP to guide us so that we don't destroy ourselves and raise ALSO the spiritual consciousness of the masses.

Little did I know at this time when I sent my letter off to the organization telling them what I had thought about the psychic vision that the Secret Underground Society living inside that organization was reading too what I had written and passed the info on to everybody else inside the Secret Underground World Society.

So you see these nuts in the Secret Underground World Society at this time thought they had CAUGHT ONE - A MEMBER OF THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD.

I didn't know what was going on at this time. It took be many years later to discover this thanks to all the big mouths in the Secret Underground Society.

These fuckers are obsessed with the psychic realm as you will see later in this doc.

Actually I equate the Secret Underground Society to the New World Order Network and also to the Anti-Christ Network. They are all interrelated. But I digress enough now.

If this seems unbelievable to you, sorry it does, but I don't apologize for it because this is how IT IS.

We left Oklahoma shortly after living there for about a year and I took a lateral transfer still as an Operations Research Analyst to another Department of Army base located outside of Tucson, Arizona. We lived in Tucson and I commuted by bus to work.

We bought a house in Tucson and after maybe a year to a year and a half I was undergoing divorce proceedings now. At this time I got a grade promotion and was a Mathematical Statistician. I think the time frame here is about 1976.


So now I am 32 years old.

The house was up for sale through a real estate agency which had a lock box on the front door so any other real estate agencies could bring people over to show them the house. I was the only one living in the house at this time.

Now at this time I decided to apply to the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, for a job. So I sent off my resume to them WITH MY RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE. Now this was a bad mistake on my part putting my return address on the envelope which I know now after the fact since all the shits in the Secret Underground Society saw my name and address on that letter sent to the CIA. Obviously at this time I did not know that there was such a thing as a Secret Underground Society.

So I got back from the CIA a letter telling me the time, date, and place of my interview as best as I can remember it now.

Okay, fine. I think the appointment was at some ungodly hour like 8:00 am which was held at the Ramada Inn here in Tucson. So I go up to the front desk and ask them to ring so and so and tell him I am here for my appointment. I sit down and wait. The guy comes out introduces himself and takes me out to sit under an umbrella by the pool. Yep, we are sitting by the pool.

So he is now giving me his interview speel and now I notice this middle age guy come walking down the sidewalk from the rooms towards us across from the opposite side of the pool area. Okay. No problem yet. So I am trying to pay attention to this CIA guy and answer his questions and am glancing back towards that guy. Now I see him looking at us and see that he sits down in a chair opposite us across the pool area with his back to us. I am not stupid immediately sensing that something is up here. So the interview continues and the guy is giving me a huge packet of application papers to take home to fill out and tells me NOT TO PUT MY RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE WHEN I MAIL THEM BACK IN TO THEM. The other guy is still sitting in his chair but now I notice he gets up out of his chair and is walking around the pool area coming towards us. He is walking slowly and eyeing us real good as he is coming around the pool towards us. Now the CIA guy I am with suddenly sees this other guy who is now on the path in front of us and instantly up goes his left hand to his face trying to hid his face from this guy walking by us. I got a good look at the guy and the guy got a good look at me too. Then this guy continues walking by us and then disappears from the pool area. Right now in seeing all this shit coming down, I knew that I had been fucked. I said to myself inside my mind that "Shit, there is an espionage network working inside the United States.". At this time I had no idea on how big it was and many years later discovered it was the Secret Underground Society at work here. Now the interview comes to an end and I went home.

Now we come to the next step in all of this history. Besides in filling out the application which I did and sent in, I had to take a written test at the local university here. So I had to show up at 8:00 am for the test. I got to the building in plenty of time and in fact was the first one there. So I was walking around the building killing time. I noticed a very interesting thing going on. There was a guy with a camera taking pictures of a girl who was posing for different shots right by the building. It looked like she was modeling for him-yeah right. I immediately thought to myself that this was fishy as hell and was this a setup by people who knew that a bunch of people were about to take a CIA written test inside this building and wanted photos of them as they walked up to the building and into it. Needless to say I made sure I wasn't in the line of their picture taking. I remember one part of the test had to do with "What do you want to be" - something like this. For example, "Would you want to be a Florist? Would you want to be a Soldier? Would you want to be a Rock Star?" etc, etc, etc. So now the written test comes to an end and I go home.

Right here at this point before I forget I will say that in the late 1980's I ran into an EX-CIA person which I told this story to about what happened to me and what had been done to me. This person told me that the CIA would never have interviewed me since I was in the process of getting a divorce and that they would have known that I was getting a divorce. So what the hell does this mean right now. What it means is that I was set up to get screwed and nailed by the Secret Underground Society right from the very start!

Lets continue this doc and see further how this screw happened.

So now life goes on for me. I remember after all this testing is done that I took a plane trip back home to New York State since it was my vacation time. I learned an interesting thing while I was at the Tucson airport. This guy in going through the detector machines is having the machine buzzer go off. The security guard which was a woman asks this guy "Do you have a security card on you?" implying that this would set off the buzzer. The guy says "What? No." Interesting little bit of factoid information.

We land in Chicago and I am walking through the terminal to catch my next flight out to New York (back home) and as I am walking through the damn terminal I hear coming over the airport speakers a PAGE for somebody who has the EXACT LAST MAIDEN NAME OF MY MOTHER whose parents were from the old country LITHUANIA. This stopped me in my tracks. Nobody else in the United States has the screwing last maiden name of my mother. So what the hell was going on here you say? I was getting fucked by the Secret Underground Society by them screwing with my brains. Cleaver rats they are. You have to understand that these underground rats are everywhere. So I catch my flight and arrive in New York State.

Now when I arrive at my parents house in New York State I noticed something rather strange with my suitcases. When I opened them up the insides where a fucking mess. I remember telling my father that somebody had been searching through my suitcases. Naturally he says no. Now prior to this trip I had flown many times and never had suitcases of clothes all screwed up inside.

So the vacation back in New York State comes to an end and I am flying back to Arizona. I land in Chicago to change planes. I walk on board the plane and find my seat which was a aisle seat and sit down. Instantly I see this guy get up out of his seat way in front of me staring at me. Instantly I am thinking to myself that this guy looks like the guy I saw walking around the pool when I had my CIA interview. So I stare back and then start preoccupiny myself with something thinking about this shit guy and what the hell is going on.

Now before I forget, when I had to put the house up for sale because of the divorce I got a realty agency to handle it. I still remember to this day that when I was showing the realtor the house, especially the master bedroom, he stared quite long at a dirty spot on one wall. I remember thinking to myself that this guy must think that there is something inside the wall. Yeah. Like a listening device. Okay, so in a couple of days, this realtor drives up to the house again because he said he was bringing one of his realty helpers with him to look over the house again. So I walk to the front door standing there inside the house waiting for them to ring the door bell, when I hear through the door the first guy who came to the house the first time say to the other guy "Let me do the talking...". So I let them in and sure enough the first guy is keeping me preoccupied downstars talking to me as he tells me that the other guy wants to look over the house. Well, folks. I firmly believe from my intuition that the other guy who headed up to the master bedroom, first of all, had a bug detector in his pocket and was checking the wall where that dirty spot was that looked like it was plasted over a little bit. Naturally being the talkative soul that I am, after the second guy got done looking over the house and we were all bull shiting, I told them that I had applied for a job with the CIA. The second guy's mouth contorts when I tell them this. Naturally they already knew this the two of them considering what I now know at this present time in 1994. So they left and life went on.

So in the following weeks life went on. Now what happens is that one day when I came home to an empty house up for sale because of the divorce going on, I notice that my stereo receiver has its station changed from where I had it placed. Also I notice that the thermostat setting had been changed slightly too. So now naturally I am beginning to go bonkers because of all this shit happening to me. It is to be noted here that the house had a lock box on the door for the realtors to bring people over to show them the house. So obviously from what I know now about this damn Secret Underground Society 18 years later what they did was have a realtor come over to the house with a family or whatever (a setup naturally) so they could enter the empty house since I was 75 miles at work and screw around with the stereo and thermostat. These people are not even people who do this shit to innocent peoiple. They are evil and have the devil inside them. They are experts in breaking minds (terrorists is what they are). They are really good about it. They have been doing it to many other people too for a very long time.

Now stop and think about it. What was I going to do? Call the cops up and tell them that somebody is coming into my house changing my thermostat setting and changing my stereo station on me! The cops immediately would think that I was nuts and needed psychiatric help. Plus many, many cops are also inside the Secret Underground Society and already would have known what was going on and would be playing the BIG GAME of a feedback loop. The feedback loop being the cops knowing all about the shit happening to me but NEVER BUSTING THE SECRET UNDERGROUND SOCIETY apart in telling me that "Yeah, sure looks like somebody is out to get you!". Instead they would have helped the terrorists endeavor by telling me "Looks like you need to see a shrink." So it is easy to see here that there was NO WHERE TO TURN TO FOR HELP. It would have been useless. Your on your own folks because none of them is going to break their own Secret Underground Society apart in shreds to save you from HARM.

So what happens to me shortly after all this shit is going down, my brains crack and I end up one night driving to an emergency room at a local hospital and from there being transferred to a mental institution in town.

Now I am in the mental institution. Immediately two doctors are interviewing me to diagnose my case. I remembering telling either one of the doctors or maybe both of them about the thermostat and stereo stations being changed on me. Well, it so happened that one of the doctors told me that somebody is screwing around with me and it was left at that. My father took a plane from New York State to be with me and to try and help me. In fact, to show how fucked up psychiatrists are I was in this shrink hospital for 30 days and never knew what the hell kind of medicine they were giving me. In fact I didn't even know what the hell the names of the medicine where. In fact nobody in this hospital after the doctor interviews were completed ever asked me to explain to them what caused me to crack and end up in the shrink hospital. How nice. They all knew. Remember the Secret Underground Society protects its own ass at YOUR EXPENSE! So my father and I left Tucson for New York State when they checked me out of the hospital. My father drove my car and I slept all day in it all doped up on their fucking medicine. I was on medical leave now from work. Now when we got home in New York State it turned out the medicine I was on was Haldol and the side effect pill was Artane, I believe. How nice the asshole doctors were which never explained to me WHAT THE SIDE EFFECTS WHERE IN TAKING HALDO. BUT I LEARNED FAST.

Now we are back home at the parents house in New York State. If my memory serves me right, my folks started taking me to see a psychiatrist immediately. This guy was a total jerk. He didn't last long. So now my folks found out about some sort of program where people went to as out patients to undergo group therapy, receive medication, etc. This, I think due to my poor memory now, only lasted a couple of months since I wanted to go back to my job and live in Tucson again. I was on medical leave from work. Now if I remember correctly, at this time the idiots at this place put me on PROLIXIN, never having talked to me about what was bothering me and never even asking me what the hell caused my nervous breakdown. Yeah, right. Nervous breakdown. Now these were PROLIXIN shots which lasted for 30 days, if I remember correctly. Every 30 days you would be given another shot. Now Prolixin is the next step up in potency from Haldol. What these two drugs do to people is to destroy all your motivation. In fact, you sleep most of the day and can do just about nothing in your life that would be constructive.

Okay, so now after a couple of months of this shit at this place, my father again drives me back to Tucson so I can go back to my job and get off medical leave. So now back in Tucson, I make another mistake and go back to the same jerk doctor at the same mental institution where I was before for treatment. Now this time this doctor is following up with giving me the Prolixin shots which turned me into a zombi. This shit never tried to put me on a different medication that would have been LESS POTENT so that I could function as a human being. This went on for maybe a month or two and I ended up getting reviewed by an ARMY DOCTOR as a civilian and then immediately was kicked out by being placed on permanent disability. So now my father flies back down to Tucson and again drives me back home to New York State with a Prolixin shot into me.

So now we are back in New York State. I think the time frame is somewhere in 1978. So here the cycle starts again. I go back to that out patient type of clinic which I may add here was a rather pathetic place to spend most of the day at for five days out of the week. After about a year of this shit going there and still getting shots of Prolixin in the ass, my parents get a recommendation from a case worker that worked there about seeing a private psychiatrist which he named. So we did. Little to my downfall did I not know at this time that this fucker was a Black Blue. I learned it the hard way later during treatment with him. He was a cleaver rat. So in seeing this guy for the first time he takes me off of Prolixin and puts me on a much less potent medication called Mellaril which enabled me to function a lot more in the way of a human being and not a zombie. This was the only good thing that this jerk did for me. Just about the only good thing. So now I saw this doctor for maybe about a year or maybe a little less than a year in his private practice. So sometime in the second half of 1979 this doctor tells me that there is nothing more that he can do for me and that he is going to give me a clean bill of health so that I can find a brand new job by diagnosing my case as a schizophrenic episode. Again I have to add here that this was another doctor who never asked me what had happened to me to have a nervous breakdown! If I volunteered the information do you think that they would have believed me? They would have covered it up by simply telling me that, that is how schizophrenics think. So now I have a letter of a clean bill of health and am trying to find a job somewhere inside the fucking United States of America whose citizens enjoy cracking the brains of innocent souls because they are not like them - simply put evil. At this point in time I still did not comprehend yet that our society was composed up of a Secret Underground Society and just how god damn bad it really was! Also now at this point of time my divorce was finalized.

Okay. So now I get a brand new job with a company in St. Louis, Missouri as a senior engineer in the early part of 1980. I have to admit that this company treated me good. I had an apartment and the first couple of months went by pretty good-no strange problems. Now all of a sudden when I come home directly from work I started noticing that my thermostat setting was being altered and also my TV station which I had left on from the previous night was being switched to a different TV station. Bingo-somebody is doing this shit to me again! So I am trying to mentally figure out who the fuck is doing this. Needless to say that this is starting to put stress on your mind. This is going on now for quite a while. Now here comes the best part. I decide to go to the movies one night. I come home after the movie and walk into my apartment and bingo all the god damn lights have been turned on. My apartment has been entered by someone. I check out the apartment and find out that in my closet in the bedroom a large box of personal papers has been emptied with all the individual folders containg my personal papers kept over many years laying on the floor spread out. Get a load of this one too. The evil that did this to me also made sure to take a raw hot dog out of the refrigerater. Yes, you do know what kind of fucking food is left in your refrigerator and how much of it is left! So now I call the cops and two police officers come over to my apartment to take the report. Now when I was asking these cops to come to the closet to see all the papers laying on the ground the fucking cops refused to go back there to look in the closet. I didn't understand why they didn't want to go back there to check it out. So they took my report and left after a short time telling me nothing. So the next day getting god damn tired of getting screwed by people doing this to me I went to the Security Office at work and talked to somebody in charge telling them about the thermostat getting changed, the TV station getting changed, and somebody walking into my apartment last night screwing around by turning on all the lights and going through a box of papers. Also I told the security officer that I had this kind of trouble when I lived in Tucson, Arizona back around in 1976 and had a nervous breakdown from it. So the security officer took all my info that I had told him and started an investigation. Now it should be remembered that right along side my apartment door there was a exit door. So they could have been coming through that exit door to do this shit to me or the fucking Secret Underground Society which I know now exists could have had one of them living right next door to me in his/her apartment coming into my apartment to try and screw up my brains again by cracking them. REMEMBER that these evil black souls can get access to anything that they want. Including keys to your house or apartment and even your office.

Now I also remember that I reported this apartment entry to the god damn office managers at the apartment complex. They told me that they have a St. Louis detective living at the apartment complex and they sent him over to my apartment to talk to me. Guess what this asshole tells me. He says to me "What are you hiding?" I told the nut case that I am not hiding nothing then this fruit cake leaves. Now I also reported all this to my bosses at work and soon after I did this the company sent me over to a local hospital into the psych ward under the care of a psychiatrist. Here I am again put into a fucking psych ward because I am telling people the fucking truth about how I am getting screwed over by somebody or some thing that exists inside the god damn United States of America. I STILL HADN'T FIGURED IT OUT. BUT I WAS LEARNING MORE AND MORE ABOUT THE EVIL WITHIN THIS COUNTRY.

Now it is to be noted here that this psychiatrist was one of those nut cases that treated people with Mega-Vitamins along with psychotic medicine. I was put through all sorts of god damn tests and was told that all these vitamins levels in my body where low. In others words it was all bull shit. Years later in the 1980's I learned that Mega-Vitamins can harm and destroy organs in your body. How interesting it was I was never told that hugh doses of Mega-Vitamins can destroy your organs. I think I had prescriptions for about 7-10 different Mega-Viamins. I bought these damn things and lucky for me I never took any of this shit to have it destroy my organs. They just sat in my medicine cabinet.

Now the doctor also had the hospital give me a medical test to see if I had hyperglycemia. I always get these two terms confused. Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. So the doctor says after looking at the test results to stay off of sugar-drink diet soda, etc, etc. He says that having hyperglycemia can contribute to you being psychotic. I apologize here if I am not using the correct medical term. It has been a long time. Well. Guess what. Many years later when other psychiatrists looked at these medical test results they told me that I am not hyperglycemic. The results were read wrong. Yes, no shit. The only thing that sugar to this day does to me when I drink gallons of soda is put 50 pounds of fat onto me.

Now also what was very interesting and when I was out of the hospital and back to work, one day I came home from work and I was for some reason just reading through the front of the St. Louis phone book for the hell of it. I came across a paragraph in the phone book about if you hear on your phone some kind of noise or clicking or something to that nature that your phone was under some kind of surveillance for your protection or for some kind of shit reason. I don't really remember to much now what it said but I do remember that I found this rather strange being written in a phone book since I never saw anything like this written in any other phone book that I had ever had. But lucky me that I did come across this info because on my phone line I had all sorts of clicking and hearing shit going on with it which did make me think that I was wire tapped. One day which I still remember to this day is the fact that I called my father and right after he picks up his phone in New York State and we start talking I hear this damn clicking on it and I told him "You know these stupid assholes have me bugged when I am the victim of shit happening to me and even after I reported all this to the Security Office at work." What the fuck did the agency investigating this case think - that I was making all this up and had to wire tap me. Hell. Oh and by the way the Security Office at work never did inform me what ever did come out of the investigation. In otherwords it all got blown away in the wind and ignored. Of course its going to get ignored and for a very well fucking good reason. The Secret Underground Society protecting itself from exposure.

Now during this time frame another interesting shit thing happened to me. One day I got the urge to check the threads on my tires on my car. I discovered that one tire was slashed RIGHT INSIDE THE GROOVES. That was an excellent place for the Black Insects to place the cuts. Inside the grooves. A location that you would never think of looking at. Would you. So after finding this out I drove over to the mall and got a new tire. They prorated the cut tire which helped a little. Nice try. They hoped I would have had a blow out and kill myself. To bad. They lost again.

Now we are going to get into the psychic realm here again during my stay in St. Louis, MO.. I lasted only about three years in St. Louis before I left to go back home again. I left St. Louis sometime in the middle of 1983. But when I was here in St. Louis I was in and out of the psych ward at a local hospital 9 times. Yes, 9 times in 3 years. Now again the fucking doctor never did ask me what the hell brought me there in the hospital and what had happened during the many previous years to have me see psychiatrists. Now get a load of this. When I was in the psych ward one time this doctor as he is leaving my presence in walking away from me mutters under his breath to me if I can see into the future as he rounds a corner walking into another room. Yes, this was said to me, no shit.

Next revelation. I run into this woman who is married in St. Louis and when I am in the presence of this woman she blurts out of her mouth in front of my face " The whole world knows about you. I think your the only one of your kind.". Thanks for the info you gave me jerk I say to myself now because when she blurted that out it was in reference to her telling me that WE and the whole fucking world know that you are a member of the Great White Brotherhood. Remember that earlier in this doc I had said that I wrote a letter back in the 1970's to a mystical organization which I belonged to telling them about a psychic vision I had one night and whereby I had thought that I had been initiated into the Great White Brotherhood. Also do you remember that earlier in this doc that I said that my brains in my interpretation of this psychic vision for sure screwed up my interpretation of it. So obviously when all this blurted out of this woman's mouth, now I know just what the fuck is happening and just how bad this god damn underground is that exists in the United States of America and throughout the whole world. Another part of the PUZZLE was given to me by this woman.

Next revelation. Since when I was in St. Louis during this time frame I was still a member of this mystical organization and was attending one of our meetings one night. There was a woman member who had apparently only been a member for maybe about 1 year who came up to me and sat down along side of me and started to chit chat a little bit. I never did like her and felt uneasy about her being next to me. Well, it was for good cause. All of a sudden I hear her psychic voice inside of my mind and immediately shut my eyes and hear this fucking woman ask me psychically "What is the meaning of the triangle? My higher psychic self tells her as my eyes are closed that "I don't know!". Then she stopped psychically probing me and I opened up my eyes and got up and left her presence. AGAIN THE GOD DAMN BASTARDS GAVE ME ANOTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE. Now I knew what this underground society was trying to futher do to me. They were having there fucking psychic trying to probe me to STEAL EVERYTHING PSYCHICALLY THAT I KNEW. How lucky for me that the shit got nowhere! I also had figured out that this unetical woman psychic came from what I have earlier talked about in this doc as being from the BLACK RED SIDE of the Secret Underground Society.

Now while I was still in St. Louis during these 3 years that doctor I had talked about earlier also had me trying all sorts of psychotic medicine in conjunction with all the Mega-Vitamins and having no sugar. I was even on Loxitane another psychotic medication. How HOLY. NOBODY IN THE SECRET UNDERGROUND SOCIETY TELLING ME WHAT THE FUCK AND WHY THE FUCK ALL THIS SHIT WAS HAPPENING TO ME BUT INSTEAD PUMP ME UP WITH PSYCHOTIC DRUGS AND PUT ME INSIDE PSYCH WARDS TELLING ME I GOT A PSYCHOTIC PROBLEM WHEN IN ACTUALITY I NEVER HAD A PSYCHOTIC PROBLEM UNTIL THEY CRACKED MY BRAINS ON PURPOSE!

So now I am back on PROLIXIN and my father flies to St. Louis. MO. to drive me and my car back home to New York State since I was put again on permanent disability in the latter half of 1983.

Okay. Now I am living back home in New York State. What I will cover next in the following paragraphs is the time frame from the second half of 1983 to the middle of 1991.

Okay. So now when I get back home we go see the same doctor that I had just before when I left to take a job in St. Louis, MO. Again I am put back onto Mellaril so that I am not so doped up. At this time I had quite a bit of money which I got from savings funds at work which I got after I went on disability again. Being the type of soul that has to think and not let myself be turned into a couch potato and not let myself wither away sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch because of what the hell was done to me so far, I started off buying the Commodore 64 computer and getting into telecommunications with it. So to help me have some kind of useful life I began to self teach myself the computer lingo on this computer.

After a while I moved out of my parents house into a one bedroom dump apartment which I could afford on my disability pensions. It was unfurnished and my mother helped me to buy furniture for the apartment. Also at this time I bought the Amiga 1000 computer and was learning some good stuff about it and was doing telecommunications on this computer too. I also had the Commodore 64 set up in this apartment too.

Now right here I will mention that I found out that the kitchen table that we bought had a bug installed on it. I am not going to tell you how I found out since you surely wouldn't believe it since this whole fucking doc is hard to believe to begin with unless your one of the asses in the Secret Underground Society reading this doc which automatically knows that everything I have said is the god damn truth.

Remember that kitchen tables are favorite spots for them to put a bug on. Now after discovering that the table had a bug I decided to leave it there by simply keeping the table in the apartment. Naturally one had to watch what was said while in the apartment - especially not saying anything of any importance about any psychic revelations. Remember that these Black American Insects inside the Secret Underground Society are obsessed with STEALING from you and anybody else psychic information which you may know about.

Now obviously my two phones were tapped also. Do you think that they are just going to bug the apartment and not wire tap the phones? Hell. Of course not All done illegally. Isn't the ILLUSION OF FREEDOM GREAT!

Now during these years of from 1983 to 1991 tons of shit befelled me and I don't certainly want to try and remember it all and type it in here since this doc would never get done. So I am only going to try and remember the most important things that were done to me by the fuckers inside this Secret Underground Society to help convince you who is CLEAN (see Part 1 for the definition of CLEAN) to KNOW the TRUTH about what is happening inside our country and the whole World.

So after a year went by after living in this apartment I decided to move out of it into a bigger and nicer apartment. Now in moving out of this apartment I got my father to help me move the big stuff and I got him to take the kitchen table and store it in the basememnt of his house and to eventually get rid of it since I certainly didn't want to move a bug into my new apartment. It needs to be noted here that this new apartment was bugged also. But you have to do shit like, this dump furniture to make these Secret Underground Society Bastards work in order to screw you again. In otherwords you don't make THEIR life easy for them when they have been in the process of screwing you and making your life miserable for so many years. They don't want you to fight them. They just want you to lie down on an American street and let them run over you with an American tank.

So now I am in my new apartment with another bug and two more tapped telephones. These boys and girls in this Secret Underground Society work really fast in getting you all bugged and having your phones tapped. Believe me they are FAST!

So now I am really getting involved into the Commodore 64 and Amiga Computers and in fact set up a Commodore 64 BBS which I called ESP-NET. Now on my BBS system I had a bunch of old Commodore 1 meg. drives which were called SFD-1001 dirves. These pieces of junk would break down quite often and would have to be repaired. So now get ready for me to describe the next screw given to me by these Black American Souls inside the Amercian Secret Underground Society. There was a company that repaired SFD-1001 drives and not many places did because these were obsolete drives. So one of my drives needed to be repaired and I shipped it out to the company in the United States. To make a long complicated nightmare short here when I finally got the drive back which they said was repaired I hooked it up and guess what! It still was out of alignment and didn't work. Screw number one. But wait I am not done. Screw number two is coming. I discovered that with my predicament in life in fighting these Secret Underground Society bastards 24 hours a day I had to check everything that I could possibly check. So I turned the SFD-1001 drive over on its back to see if I could unscrew the 4 screws holding the bottom of the case to the top. Guess what, all 4 screws wouldn't budge. The god damn bastards used lock tight on all of the 4 screws. Yep, and I paid them for this too. I was so god damn mad that I threw the drive out in the garbage.

Now we come to another computer repair job. You remember the Commodore 1541 drives. Well, I had a bunch of these drives too and decided one day to take into a shop one of my 1541's just for regular maintenance. I found out from that shop that they were sub-leting out some of the Commodore work. I got my 1541 drive back and ran it to see if it worked okay. It did. Good. Our we getting ready for another screw given to me? You bet. So I turned it over on its back to see if I could unscrew all 4 screws. 3 of the screws came out okay but the 4th screw wouldn't budge. Lock tighten again. The fuckers used lock tight again. So I had to bust the head of the screw off to be able to open up the case in case I ever needed to bring this 1541 drive into somebody elses shop for repairs. The guy who pulled this screw on me was very clever. Only 1 screw was lock tighten not all 4 like from the other place.

Now needless to say I wrote letters to Commodore telling them what these two repair places had done to me and my commodore drives. Commodore wrote me back and told me that they were going to make an investigation. I never did hear anything further more about it.

To bad that AFTER THE SECRET UNDERGROUND SOCIETY FUCK'S YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THEM BACK! Otherwise you let them roll that American tank right over you killing you. But remember when you try and nail them for screwing you in life over and over THEY BLOCK IT WHERBY THEY NEVER GET CAUGHT FOR SCREWING YOU OVER. This is the way of the cockroaches.

Next example in catching them.

When I was running my commodore BBS system I was reading my E-Mail and going through the posted messages checking them out. This new user who just joined left a bunch of shit posted on my BBS and in my mail box. In my mail box I get from him mail that says "....everybody hates me...". Also he posted a bunch of garbage almost right on the verge of threatening me. I was furious needless to say. Another part of the Secret Underground Society puzzle given to me. He used a "Handle" when he did all this shit and I just accessed his real name and address from my records and got him. I called the cops and talked to them about this problem and then I sent him a postcard telling him " to stay away from me and my BBS because I will have you arrested if you don't". Needless to say he disappeared real fast.

Next example in regards to the piece of the puzzle.

I had to go to Family Child Support Court a couple of times since I was divorced now and had a daughter. So I had an attorney. Now in regards to one of the times when I had to get help from the attorney and I was in his office I was pretty well pissed off in regards to all the shit that I knew now about what the Secret Underground Society was doing to me and ruining my god damn health. Now don't get me wrong. This having to go to Family Child Support Court had nothing to do with the Secret Underground Society. There were only two lawyers in this establishment who had offices side by side with the secretaries located right out front of the offices who were able to hear everything that was said in the offices since the god damn doors were open to the offices. So I blurted out to my attorney the following: "What the hell are they going to do to my daughter? The same thing that they did to me. Make her schizophrenic too because she is psychic too." He said nothing. Instantly I hear and see one of the god damn secretaries get up from her desk outside the office and rush over to the attorney's office next door whose door is open also. I hear her say to him "There are two of them. Then I hear him say, "I heard it.". Fucking good thing that GOD still has let me have pretty good hearing. BINGO so another piece of the puzzle about being members of the "Great White Brotherhood".

So who do you think is Schizophrenic? The one that the Secret Schizophrenic Underground Society MADE schizophrenic or all of THEM?

Next example.

Now on another occasion when I had to go to Family Support Court again, I was sitting in the waiting room waiting to see my attorney. This guy comes out of the other attorney's office and looks at me and is muttering some kind of shit to me and he turns to me and drops a stack of papers he was carrying on the floor at the bottom of my feet telling me as he looked at me that "The FBI always gets its man.". As he proceeded to blurt out of his Black Soul that he is an EX-FBI AGENT. Again another piece of the puzzle given to me and verified by him. Look. I already knew that the fucking Black American Insect Souls that run and own our country had made a phone call to THEIR KIND inside the FBI and that the bastards where trying really hard to dig up any kind of false shit on me to put me away in prison. You see, according to how these schizophrenics work you crack the Great White Brotherhoods brains first, hope he dies, and when he isn't dead then try and stick him into prison next because he poses a MAKE BELIEVE THREAT TO THEM. And further if you can't put him into prison for life then try the next step by seeing if you can get him COMMITTED into a STATE MENTAL INSTITUTION FOR LIFE.

What a god damn joke on them-trying to get rid of an innocent soul that isn't even a member of the Great White Brotherhood. A soul that just had a vision back in 1976 approximately and wrote a letter about it to some schizophrenics in a mystical organization.

Now after this had happened to me I knew then that I needed to try and use the Freedom Of Information Act to get the records on me from the FBI and then sue them, the fucking United States Government run and owned by SATAN. Also I knew that I had to get any records from any other god damn intelligence agencies such as the Secret Service, etc. that would have false trumped up information on me to fucking take away my rights as an American Citizen. But unfortunately I was beginning to run out of any additional savings that I had left after buying tons of different computer equipment. Also I knew that if I ever did get any records from these agencies owned by the Secret Underground Society that the papers would be all BLACKEN OUT SO I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO KNOW WHAT THEY HAD FALSELY SAID ABOUT ME. I might be slow but I am not stupid.

Next example from personal experience.

I would go to the mall quite frequently. One afternoon when I was walking through the mall and had just decided to go through the entrance of one of the shops, I turned to my right and spotted this guy dressed in a dark suite who was following me located by a circular bookstand. When he saw that I was looking his way he immediately ducked his head (looked away from me) into the book rack and picked up a magazine immediately trying to make himself look like just any other kind of person in the mall. Bullshit. So the nuts like to put TAILS on you too.

Another example.

Late at night I would drive to a restaurant and sit at the counter having coffee and talk to the waitress which I thought was kind of nice. One night I am at the counter on the right and there is another counter located on the left of me. It was divided in two. Also the room located to the right of me was all darken off since it was closed down for business. Also besides the counter area there were some table booths which were open for business since this section I was in was the only section open late at night. Now I was the only one there at this time, If I remember correctly. Now two guys walk in. I am not paying to much attention to anything. After about 3 minutes I look over to my left to see who has sat down at the other counter. There is this one guy who has ordered something. Well. Where is the other guy? Now for some reason I look to my right and I spot the other guy sitting at the closest booth in that darken room that was closed down for service and the fucker was doing nothing there except sitting there watching me. So they had BOTH SPLIT UP. I took a pile of change out of my pocket and dumped it on the counter in front of me without even counting it and told the girl standing in front of me that I am out of there. It was a nice set up. A couple of days later I went back to this restaurant and one of the waitresses was there who was also there when this all happened and told me "That it was a good thing that I had left when I did!".

Another example. Yes the American shit goes on and on.

One evening I went to a restaurant to get something to eat. This was a different restaurant not the one I just got telling you about here. As I was being seated down by the waitress and as she was straightening out my napkin and eating utensils she says very softly to me that "I just missed a knife and to be more careful.". Now I am positive that this was some other occurrence which occurred somewhere else and not at that other restaurant which I talked about in the previous paragraph. I have a pretty good idea where I missed getting stuck with a knife and who it was who missed me but I will just let it pass by here.

So by now the reader here should realize that I had people in this Secret Underground Society who were on my side feeding me information and hopefully looking out for my ass or more preferably my body which houses my soul.


Now I am going to talk about dentists and how a god damn dentist got me by screwing up my teeth.

I had this dentist which I will label as dentist X. I was going to dentist X for a while getting my teeth cleaned and getting them checked. It turned out that the hygienest or dental assistant that was cleaning my teeth also was checking my teeth for any problems. It turned out after a long time of this that I started getting pissed off because dentist X was not checking my teeth for problems and in fact I wasn't getting anymore x-rays done on my teeth to check out what was going on. In otherwords I was paying the office for checking my teeth and they were not getting checked by the right person. Now only once do I remember that when my teeth were getting cleaned that the dental assistant called dentist X over to look at a filling in a tooth that was getting washed out. Dentist X looked at it for about a minute then fucking walked away without saying anything. So to make a long story short here I got pissed suspecting that I was getting screwed over and left the office to go find another dentist.

So now I found dentist Y. In my first visit to dentist Y I had my teeth cleaned. Also I told dentist Y that I WANTED FULL MOUTH X-RAYS DONE. When the x-rays came back LORD AND BEHOLD I had all sorts of cavities and problems which the x-rays revealed. I had one tooth that had a cavity in it which required him to in fact do a root canal on it and also give me the added expense of a fucking $500 crown. He also had to fill in the old cavity that was filled in and starting to get washed out. Dentist Y also told me that from the x-rays I had a problem with a molar that would require me to make an appointment with an endodonist which I will label as dentist Z. Also the endodonist bill for the root canal was another $500. Now also in this first visit to dentist Y I was told that I had gum disease and I had to make an appointment with a periodontist which I will label as dentist A which I did and the bill after dentist A got done with me in correcting the gum disease came to $1500. There were other cavities that needed to get filled also.

You might just say here that I had a fucking bad dentist X. Not so. Let me continue.

So I was pissed and called the Attorney General's Office to find out how I could report all this shit that dentist X had done to me and pull the dentist license. The Attorney General's Office gave me the name of an agency to call which I did and I received the proper forms from them and filled them out with xerox copies of some of the old bills from dentist X and mailed them in.

So after a while I get a phone call from the guy who is going to do the investigation about what the fuck dentist X did to me. The investigator told me that he was going to be up in my area where I lived in a month and he wanted the names of all these other dentists which discovered all the dentaal problems I had. Okay. So I thought good.

Now guess what. A month goes by and in fact a couple of months go by and I am checking with the dental offices of these other dentist if they have talked to an investigator who said he was going to contact their offices and talked to them about my case. Every time the answer I got back was no, nobody has come to see us about anything about you.

Yep. The fucking Secret Underground Society got to this investigator and washed away the whole case so that I would lose. I did lose. Many months later like after at least a year I was sent an official letter from the agency with which I filled my complaint with and was told that NOTHING WAS DONE WRONG TO ME by dentist X. In fact I wasn't even living in the state no longer when I got the letter. But this is interesting to note here also. Somebody from the fucking agency called my parents home where I used to be living and talked to my mother and from the sounds of the conversation was trying to get my mother to get me to drop the fucking case.

Later on in this doc I will tell you how the god damn Secret Underground Society tried to set me up to see one of their fucking foot doctors to fuck up a foot and also how they were planning on convincing me that I had eye trouble and to see one of there eye doctors so that he could butcher my sight.


Next example of discovering another piece of the puzzle. The puzzle only has about a billion pieces to it!

I would frequent another restaurant having coffee and getting something to eat and enjoyed the conversation with a couple of other guys who would sit at the counter and have coffee also. There was a particular fellow who I enjoyed talking to, and we usually discussed political candidates and sometimes religion, etc.. One day when it was only the two of us sitting there drinking coffee, I had someting of importance to tell him and I didn't want the waitress who was hanging around the counter to overhear what I was going to tell him so I said to him something to the effect of "Wait until she leaves. We got all these spies in here." Now she heard this and took of through the door right in front of the counter area into the kitchen and as the crazy was walking through the door she somewhat says very loudly to the others that are in the kitchen that "He's One Of Them!" Well folks. What the crazy was telling the others is that this other fellow that they all knew and served, also was one of the Great White Brotherhood. Yep.

Its a good thing I got ears and a freaking brain. Later on in this doc I will give other examples of this kind of thing whereby these cockroaches were thinking that if they watched me close enough that I was going to give them names and addresses of Great White Brotherhood members so that they could kill and maim them. This is really humorous for me since THEY ARE ALL WAISTING THEIR TIME since I know nobody who is a member of the Great White Brotherhood and I am certainly not. This cockroach American problem goes all the way back to that stupid letter I wrote to a mystical organization in reference to a psychic vision I had which I have already talked about earlier in this doc.

As I have said earlier in this doc that ONE OF THE THINGS that these crazies ARE OBBSESSED WITH IS IN OBTANING (STEALING) PSYCHIC INFORMATION AND DESTROYING THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD! It gives you a warm Holy feeling inside your Heart doesn't it.

American Evilness At Its Finest!

Now several months later as I am sitting in a restaurant again having coffee at a counter there was a god damn guy with his wife (I guess thats who the hell it was) sitting in a booth almost behind me and the fucking woman says so that I can hear her real good "You Gave One Of Them To Us!" This is in reference to that poor fellow who was sitting next to me having coffee that I was talking to when the crazy waitress went into the restaurant kitchen telling all the other crazies that "He Is One Of Them!" A member of the Great White Brotherhood. Yeah. Right. As if I would be selling out to these Secret Society Underground Cockroaches members of the Great White Brotherhood which to begin with I don't know who the hell they are!

Another example of what these cockroaches do to you when THEIR HATERED SHINES THROUGH THEIR SOULS.

We are still talking here about the years 1983 - 1991 when I lived in New York State on disability.

One night I slept over at my mother's house and when I woke up and went to my car to go someplace, I noticed these chips of paint on the door of the driver's side. I couldn't figure out how they got there so I drove over to the car dealer and asked them if they could patch up someway these chips of paint knocked off my door. Here is what the guy told me, "Somebody tried to break into your car. They used a tool and thats why you have these chips in your door."

Another example.

When I was living in my second apartment which I talked about earlier in this doc in Part 2 here, I woke up one morning and went to my car to go get something to eat and I noticed one of my rear tires had been cut. They did it again to me but this time they showed their stupidity by not cutting the thread inside the grooves like when they did when I was living in St. Louis. So I made my way over to the mall and replaced the cut tire.

Now this next topic of what the hell the god damn bastards started to pull on me and which continues to this very day, I could not mention here and just forget about it and YOU THE READER WHO IS CLEAN WOULD NEVER KNOW ABOUT IT unless it was to happen to you. But I am writing this doc to EXPOSE the American Underground Society for the TOTAL EVIL THAT IT IS to you who is CLEAN, so that you know and realize that the fucking American Freedom is NOTHING BUT AN ILLUSION. These bastards can GIVE YOU AS MUCH FEEDOM AS THEY WANT AND TAKE AWAY FROM YOU AS MUCH FREEDOM AS THEY WANT!

So now I will try to explain to you the next unbelievable thing that they did to me and which still continues to this day. Listen, this Underground Secret Society CAN DO ANYTHING TO YOU THAT THEY WANT TO. And you think SATAN doesn't exist. WRONG!

What had happen to me now is that the BLACK BLUE and BLACK RED GENERALS got really clever with their evilness towards me and propagated it all the way down to all of their nest of thieves whereby these fucking things where knocking off (getting rid of) women that I was interested in as potential girlfriends.

I know it sounds confusing. For instance, I would perhaps be in a store and notice a nice attractive woman and see that see wasn't married and start chatting with her. While I would be chatting with a woman asking her out on a date, I would notice these fucking Underground Society Jerks hanging around us as we talked making sure that THEY got an earful of what was being said as they nonchalantly would be either looking up at the god damn ceiling in the building or someplace else. Now when I would go back to where ever these women where working either at the malls, in other stores in town, and even in other stores out of town, I started to notice that these very nice personified women were never to be found again. They where always missing right after I got done talking to them about going out on a date. You couldn't find them anywhere!

So now I began to realize that these fuckers in the Secret Underground Society were stealing these very nice women. In otherwords THEY didn't want me to have a girlfriend. So what was happening was that the mangers, store owners, etc. where firing, getting rid, of these very nice women.

No, I am not nuts. Let me continue somemore here and I will tell you more of what I found out about what they were doing to me and you will learn about how evil the Americans are.

Sometime after discovering this I went to a mall. As I was walking into a bookstore I spotted two of these BACK AMERICAN SLIMBALLS. When you have been through all the hell and shit I had been through in this country it gets really easy to smell them a mile away. So I went to the opposite parallel aisle of books and was standing right opposite them with the book rack separting me from some guy and probably his slimeball wife. Immediately I hear the slimball wife say "We are going to take them from you!". This is in reference to the women that THEY had been stealing from me by getting rid of them so that I could not get tied up with a female. These two BLACK THINGS spotted me really FAST. Like I told you before in this doc. THEY know everything about you, how you look, where you go most of the time, etc..

Let me continue with this particular problem I am having because it gets even more interesting and EVIL.

Now somewhat later after this incident of hearing them saying this to me and conferring and substantiating what I already knew and suspected, I went to church one day and heard the next thing come out of THEIR MOUTH from THEM right while I was in church going to Catholic Mass. This part here is so disgusting that I am only going to say here to you the reader of this doc that in my Church is where I heard that these EVIL BLACK BLUE AND BLACK RED Secret Underground Society crazies wanted me to be a homosexual. Yes. This is what I heard come out of a person's mouth.

So now I know that they want me to be GAY and that is why they are fucking stealing women from me. Knocking them off.

The last part to this topic is this. Again I went to a mall and was on the second level buying a coke to drink and was walking through the seating area where all the people where sitting eating their food and drinking their drinks. I was approaching a table with two of THEM sitting there. Like I said, by now I can smell THEM a mile away. An old guy with his old wife it looked like where sitting at a table. As I am walking past the table the old male ass hole says so I can hear it, "We are going to take this one away too!" Yep. Constant AMERICAN EVILNESS AT ITS FINEST. And this shit is all still happening to me and now to my daughter this very day.

Hard to believe I know but its ALL TRUE! I don't waste my time in life by making shit up which alot of people do on purpose. There are better things to do.

Next example.

During this time frame of 1983 - 1991 I went to a lawyer's office to have a WILL drawn up. Now obviously when you are on disability pensions you don't have squat. So obviously I had my daughter in the will to have what little shit I have in life. I believe we set up the will with a Trust Involved to give my daughter so much money for her education, etc., etc. from a small life insurance policy which I have. Now according to this WILL we needed to have another party in the WILL in case my daughter passed away while she was still receiving money from the Trust so that any of the remaining money would go to this other party and not to my daughter's mother. It is kind of complicated to explain and my lack of making this understandable is my fault.

So I decided to put the name of the person who is the leader of the Pro-Life movement in America as the other party. ( Please no names here). So now the shits in the lawyer's office told all the other Secret Underground Society Cockroaches the name of this other person that I put into my WILL.

Listen. There is no god damn thing as confidentiality between YOU and doctors, lawyer offices, etc. Because these god damn cockroaches have no morals and ETHICS. THEY pass all your confidential information ON TO ALL OF THEIR NEST OF COCKROACHES.

So one day after drawing up this WILL,I am having coffee again in another restaurant and since I have good ears I overheard the conversation of two of these crazies. A man and a woman sitting in a booth close by me talking about me having put into my WILL this Pro-Life Activist. You the CLEAN READER have to try and understand that these cockroaches just can't seem to keep their mouths shut and not talk about you WHEN THEY SPOT YOU in a restaurant. AND IN FACT ANY PLACE ELSE. They have these fucking super egos.

So what the hell was going on now was that a big group of these fucking Secret Society Underground Women becamed really pissed off at me for supporting a Pro-Life Activist by putting this person into my WILL to receive money in case my daughter passed away. This came right out of the mouth of the god damn woman that was sitting there, "He is not going to get it!" Another reference to stealing dates or women from me that perhaps I would like to get involved with.

I know that this is very hard to comprehend what I have just talked about and very unbelievable. But you the CLEAN READER have to understand that these INSECTS do ANY AND EVERYTHING TO YOU. EVEN WHAT IS UNBELIEVABLE.

So now I had another two more problems. The BLACK BLUE SIDE stealing women from me and a LARGE SEGMENT OF WOMEN IN THE OTHER SECRET UNDERGROUND SOCIETY SIDES doing the same thing.

You must comprehend that Freedom Is An Illusion! THEY give you as much freedom as they want you to have.

Now I am going to try and explain how slippery these doctors are whom I had treating me for my so called schizophrenia which the American Secret Underground Society so nicely created for me at the age of 32.

Okay. So now I am back in New York State as I have said before and my doctor is doctor X and I am on Mellaril.

So I was on two pills of 100 mg per day and this doctor X said that I could take up to five pills a day if I needed to. Fine. I remember one day when I was in doctor X's office and talking about some of this Secret Underground Society shit that this doctor tells me "Nobody would believe it because it is so complicated." Sure, right. Sure thing.

Since I was still associated with a mystical organization at this time and definitely am psychic, I was trying to explain to this idiot doctor from my own personal experiences and from using some god damn wisdom that there are probably quite a few patients who are psychic and have a problem in controlling the psychic impresions that they are receiving and as a result of this it messes up their mind. In other words, can create a problem for them. Now prior to having this conversation with doctor X in regards to this topic, I many years ago talked to some kind of social worker in this field of the mentally ill about "Do the doctors realize that some of these patients could be psychic and not be able to control their psychic impressions thereby screwing up their minds." This person agreed with me completely. That I was right in my assumption at the time. Now getting back to doctor X. Here is what the Black insect told me. "Schizophrenics think they are psychic." Now what you the CLEAN READER has to understand right now is that I was dealing with a BACK BLUE doctor X who was fucking up my mind by pulling REVERSALS ( see the example of REVERSE given in Part 1 ) on me purposely and I didn't know it yet what doctor X was doing to me and was a BLACK BLUE. But we are getting to it.

Now there was a visit at doctor X's office where I was told that doctor X was going to be out of town and I was given the phone number of another doctor which I will label as doctor Y here who would be on call if I had any problems. Well, I did have god damn problems due to all the Secret Underground Society shit that had happen to me up to this time and which I was still going through and in trying to put all the puzzle pieces together mentally. So I called doctor Y and told doctor Y that I was having a problem. Doctor Y asks me "How many Mellaril are you taking?" I said 5. So here now is what doctor Y says back to me over the phone. "Take 6, Ha Ha!" No shit. This is what was said to me. I was dumfounded. I didn't want to believe what I heard so I blew it off sort of. At this time I didn't realize yet that this doctor Y was also a BLACK BLUE whereby I was set up with by the other BACK BLUE doctor. But we are getting there. And yes, I didn't listen to doctor X because I never took the god damn 6th pill after hearing that from doctor X.

Now at another visit with doctor X at another time doctor X was talking about a whole bunch of other doctors who saw patients in town and was even telling me who some of the good ones were. This will come into play later in this doc.

Now at another visit in Doctor X's office I am again talking about this god damn Secret Underground Society nest and doctor X gets pretty cleaver and asks me "What Color Am I?". I told doctor X that it was BLUE! Immediately I am watching his face contort as I got it right. BINGO. One problem though. I didn't have the other half of his color yet which I learned later was Black!

Now one time when I was having problems and ended up in the hospital doctor X lined me up with who I will label here as doctor Z to treat me in the hospital since doctor X didn't make hospital visits. Now it turns out that by word of mouth which I found out from other patients and from the family of other patients that this doctor Z was labeled as being the worst doctor in the area. But guess what? How convenient it was that I ended up with doctor Z! At this time I did not know also that doctor Z was another BLACK BLUE. You see what was being done to me here is that I was being circulated or bounced from one BLACK BLUE doctor to ANOTHER and I did not know it but I did learn it later which I will relate how.

So now I am in the hospital being treated by doctor Z and this doctor pumps me up with Haldol one of the most powerful psychotic drugs that you can give a person which turns you into a vegetable. Now for some fucking reason doctor Z transfers me out of the hospital I was in over to another hospital. I was perfectly happy being in the first hospital since I could sleep when I wanted to. To sleep off my problem and not be bothered by anybody waking you up forcing you to attend the shit classes which some hospitals have you attend all day long when they know that sleep is the best healer for you. The reason that doctor Z gave me for moving me to another hospital was that the ward at the hospital was a lock up ward and that I would feel safer being there. THIS WAS UTTER BULLSHIT WHICH I WLL RELATE LATTER WHY IT WAS.

Now also doctor Z was trying very hard to convince me and my parents that I was an alcoholic. I was drinking alot and anybody who the hell had been through what I had been through and was going through in getting screwed by these American Secret Society Underground cockroaches would probably be drinking too or maybe instead just sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch withering away into nothingness. So doctor Z was about to transfer me to an alcoholic ward which we put a stop to. Also doctor Z tried to convince me and my parents while I was in the hospital to get a CT Scan on my brain to see how much had been killed off by the drinking! Yeah. Right. We put and immediate halt to this scam real fast. Now I will tell you that what these BLACK BLUES were trying to do to me with this CT Scan bullshit which I found out much later from a person inside the nest that was a good friend of mine is that they wanted to see biologically what it looked like inside my brain and to see if they could learn anything from the scan on why or how was I so psychic! NO SHIT! I was told this. They want to find out what is inside me.


Now when I was in this other hospital which I had been transferred to none of us ever did get to sleep during the god damn day to be able to heal our minds since the bastards had us all attending shit worthless classes all day long. So naturally it took much longer to get healed.

Now I get out of the hospital and am seeing doctor Z at doctor Z's office as doctor Z's patient. Why did I change over to seeing doctor Z. Hell. I don't know. I think it was because doctor Z convinced me that since doctor X didn't give Haldol Shots that I had to see doctor Z at doctor Z's office to get the god damn shots. So once a month I went to doctor Z's office to get a shot. In other words, to get all doped up and not be able to function. Now how doctor Z operated which I observed from seeing the other patients waiting to see doctor Z in doctor Z's office was that everybody was on the most powerful psychotic medicine that there was. Everybody was getting shots of some kind. Doctor Z kept everybody all doped up because this way doctor Z didn't have to monitor and regulate any other kinds of weaker medication. Yep. In fact, doctor Z even told me that I would have to be on Haldol for the rest of my life. Yeah, right.

So my parents got me away from the fucking crazy BLACK BLUE doctor Z after a couple months of doctor Z's bullshit and over back to guess who, doctor X which was the doctor who had bounced me over to doctor Z to begin with. So we tell doctor X that I want to be back on Mellaril. Now I am back on a low dosage of it again and can somewhat act not anymore as a zombie.

Now remember that doctor X earlier told me the names of about five doctors that treated patients in the area where I lived and in fact doctor X mentioned the names of some of the good ones. Well. Guess what. Doctor X never did mention that doctor Z was a bad one. Of course not. Got to keep me bounced between BLACK BLUE doctors.

Now getting back to these doctors that treated patients which doctor X was telling me about. If I remember now correctly, there where two doctors that doctor X said were good. I remember that one of these doctors was the Director of the Psychiatric Ward at one of the hospitals. So I remember saying to myself that I got to get rid of these doctors and find this new doctor which I will label here as doctor A. So I went to the hospital were I remembered that doctor X told me where this doctor worked. Since I couldn't exactly remember doctor A's name, I asked around at the hospital for what was the name of the doctor in charge of the Psychiatric Ward and did this doctor take patients? Everybody I talked to blew me away with acting stupid towards me. So I left the hospital getting absolutely nowhere!

So now later I am still seeing doctor X since I failed in finding doctor A. At one of my appointments with doctor X I told doctor X about me trying to find this doctor A. Guess what. Doctor X`s face turned white and doctor X's looks cringed. BINGO. Of course doctor X cringed. Doctor X knew that I was trying to get rid of doctor X and the other circle of doctors that doctor X kept me bounced among.

Later in this doc here in Part 2 I will tell you the further nightmare of how I finally got rid of doctor X and all the other BLACK BLUE doctors that I was being bounced between.

Now we are going to talk about were I decided to try and leave the fucking United States to go live in another country. After being screwed by the god damn BLACK RED'S AND BLACK BLUE'S for so long (many years), I decided to check out how I could possibly become a citizen of Canada and get rid of living amomg the American Nest of Secret Underground Society Cockroaches. So I called the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C. and talked to a woman. As I was talking to her about what I wanted to do and what did I have to do to move to Canada, she said that a lot of Americans want to move to Canada so that they could get the Canadian Health Benefits. So I told her that I have three health benefits which I could use in Canada since I already checked it out to see if they were applicable to living in Canada. I also told her that I have three disability pensions which would still be transferable to me with out losing any of them while living in Canada. Etc., etc., etc. So essentially I told her that I would definitely not be a drain on their society.

So after all this she asked me where do I want to take my interview at. Something to this nature she asked. She suggested New York City. There is a consulate there if I remember correctly. I said no that I don't like the city and would rather go to Washington, D.C. So she said okay and said she would mail me the required papers and for me to fill them out and mail them back to the embassy. So I got the papers to fill out and made a whole bunch of copies of all my college transcripts, awards, honors, disability pensions, health insurances I had, etc. and mailed everything to the embassy in Washington, D.C.. Now I got bounced around between the embassy in Washington, D.C. and the consulate in New York City. My memory about what was happening to me here is really fuzzy now. I believe after a phone call to the embassy after I sent out to them a whole stack of papers they bounced me over to the consulate in New York City. Made some phone calls to the consulate and the god damn women I talked to had me so confused I didn't know what was happening now about my request to become a Canadian Citizen. In fact I think the consulate in New York City sent me the set of papers I got the first time from the embassy in Washington, D.C. to fill out. I did and I believe I wrote a cover letter stating to the fucking consulate that I sent a bunch of additional paper work about my disabilities, health care benefits, etc. already to the embassy in Washington, D.C.. So I get back from the consulate in New York City a denial letter. I was refused. So then I called the embassy in Washington, D.C., I remember, and asked them what did they do with all of my additional paper work which I had sent them to begin with? The bastards told me that they don't have any paper work from me which was sent to them! Yeah. I figured out really fast that I had been fucked again by the Secret Underground Society.

Now we are going to get back to this Great White Brotherhood thing again because this is why I got runed over by not being allowed to leave the fucking United States to become a citizen of another country. Now either a month later or a couple of months later, I don't remember now, I heard out of the mouths of these diseased mental Secret Underground Society shits the following: "What would they (they here means the Secret Underground Society in foreign countries) think of us (us here means the ass holes called the Secret Underground Society in the United States) if we let him go (go here means to become a citizen of another country)!" Gee. The United States let a Great White Brotherhood member leave the United States to become a citizen of another country. Shit. We can't allow that can we now! Crazys!! Instead we are going to keep the poor shit here in the United States and chop him up further! Yeah. Right. Now it is MY TURN TO CHOP THEM UP!

Yep. Unbelievable but all true. I also remember after this that I called the embassies of a couple other foreign countries and they just blew me away with their requirements of either being married to a woman that was a citizen of their country or having LOTS OF MONEY and wanting to invest the god damn money inside their country.

Now before I forget here I also checked out Mexico about going there to live and stop getting constantly screwed by the American Secret Underground Society of Black Cockroaches. It turned out that it looked like I could have moved there because I had enough disability pension money in American dollars which would have satisfied that being one of the requirements of moving there. Since there are people getting killed there most frequently I decided against that move. Now what is important here is that AGAIN I heard come out of the cockroaches mouth through the grape vine the following: "They don't want him either!"

I must be some kind of fucking threat to governments for my body and soul to undergo so much fucking hatred from so many BACK COCKROACHES! When me and my daughter have done not a god damn thing to anybody except try to live a normal and peaceful life.

These BLACK COCKROACHES in the Secret Underground Society created THEIR MENTAL DISEASE and can you actually imagine this human race being allowed to travel to the stars to encounter other alien civilizations and screwing up those people with the human cockroach disease! I think not!

You the CLEAN READER if you have gotten this far in this doc what do you purpose GOD should do to the Secret Underground Disease in order to stop it?

Lets continue for I digress.

Now many times I would hear from these Secret Underground crazys mumbling among themselves that "He said this or he said that about the CIA, so I don't think he works for them!" Thats right folks. These fruitcakes also think that I work for the CIA from my encounter with the CIA as I told you earlier in this doc. One day I work for the CIA and the next day I don't work for the CIA then the next day I do and so on and so on for ever and ever. These cockroaches that crawl out from under THEIR ROCK are definitely crazy.

I have gotten so pissed off at the shit that these cockroaches have put me through in running my health and happiness and THEM targeting my innocent daughter with their hatred that I would tell these nuts the following: "Why don't you wear color badges with name tags on your shirts so that we can all know what side you belong to!"

Moving on now.

I moved out of my second apartment into a third apartment. Naturally THEY bugged this one too. I remember coming home one night and I had a whole bunch of messages left on my answering machine. So I listened to them. They were about five shit messages left for me by the cockroaches. One guy's message says to me that "We have to talk call *** - ****." Yeah. Right. Another message had music being played probably from the ass holes radio and I can hear a guy saying to somebody in his house "He will hear it." as I listened to the message. This kind of American terrorism happened several times with THEM screwing around with leaving THEIR SHIT on my answering machine.

THEIR TERRORISM just keeps going on and on forever.

So now I bought another computer. I bought an IBM-XT. I also bought some add on's for it and one of the add on's was a 60 Meg backup tape drive which cost several hundred dollars. I took everything to a computer store to be installed and especially told them to let me know if the backup tape drive worked. Because if it didn't work, if it was incompatible with my XT, I was going to send it back to whom I had bought it from and get my money back. So I get everything back from the computer store and everything seems to be working fine. So now I decide to try out the 60 Meg tape backup on my hardrive. I read all the directions and god damn the tape backup wouldn't work. It wouldn't work at all. So I tried for four hours playing with the XT and the tape backup to see if I could get it to backup the hard drive. I was only able to get the tape backup to work correctly in backing up the hardrive only ONCE out of four hours of time spent in trying to get it to work. So immediately I suspected I got screwed by a BLACK BLUE cockroach that worked on it in the store. By now it was also to late to send the tape backup back to where I had bought it from since the amount of time to be able to do that had expired.

So now I took the 60 Meg tape backup to another computer shop along with my XT and talked to a fellow there about my problem and for him to see if he could get the tape backup to backup the hard drive on the XT! The reason I took it to this other shop was because I suspected that I had been screwed again and was going to take the first shop to Small Claims Court to get my money out of them for screwing me over but I wanted this second shop to verify that the tape backup wouldn't work with my XT after the first store said that it did. The fellow checked everything out and verified that he was only able to get the 60 Meg tape backup to work only once just like what happened to me in being able to get it to only work correctly once! So now I knew for sure I had been screwed by the BLACK BLUES AGAIN ON PURPOSE AGAIN!

So I went to a court house and filled out the papers to take the bastards to Small Claims Court for screwing me over to get all my money back for the cost of the 60 Meg tape backup.

Unfortunately I was having health problems at this time from other stuff that these cockroaches in the Secret Underground Society were doing to me at this time. So because I wasn't feeling very well because of THEM I went back to the court house and dropped my Small Claims against them since I was unable to to appear in court feeling as lousy as I did.

Now after all this was done here is what is important! I went back to the second computer shop to pick up my computer since the fellow was working on some other stuff for my XT and another employee was there in the shop. Here is what the other employee said to me, "Did you get your money back." and he also said to me "Walk Away.". He also said to me there "Its going to pop.". In otherwords, the first fellow was alright but the fucking second person was a BLACK BLUE who knew from the grape vine inside the Secret Underground Society that THEIR SIDE had just done me in again and COST ME A LOT OF MONEY IN GETTING SCREWED WITH THE 60 MEG TAPE BACKUP! Also he was insinuating that my brains were going to pop and I was going to end up sick again. The walk away part means that the cockroaches think that I am a threat to them. Yeah, right. Oh, I get it, a Great White Brotherhood threat again to the evil ones. Yeah, right. Insane cockroaches.

Obviously, by now in my life during the late 1980's I have most of the puzzle pieces put together about the cockroaches that live inside the Secret Underground Society thanks to having them CLOBBER ME CONSTANTLY! But there is a lot more to learn here in this doc about just how EVIL they really are and what they are capable of doing to you throughout your whole life while you live inside the United States!

Lets continue.

Now while I was living in this third apartment I discovered that the BLACK BLUE SIDE of cockroaches was coming into my apartment at night while I was asleep. Yep. THEY have Big Balls. What I was finding out when I woke up the next day is that stuff in my apartment was tampered with. For instance, a pair of eye glasses I had set on a table in my bedroom was broken into down the middle of the plastic that sits on your nose. When I had put them there on the table just before I went to sleep they were perfectly fine. Another day when I woke up I found a pair of pants torn conveniently. Who was coming into my apartment while I slept cut that pair of pants making it look like a tear. How nice. One night when I went to bed with my clothes on and when I woke up the fucker had untied my shoe laces. Etc., etc. This was being done to Pop my brains so that I would end up in the hospital. Yep. It gets even better here. One night I came home from having coffee in a restaurant and went to my bedroom to lay down and all my lights were on. When I would go to bed I would always leave a light on in the apartment. I heard the door close while I was laying in bed. I immediately got up fast and started running to the front door yelling at the fucker hoping I would catch him. I didn't see him. He was to fast for me. I lived on the third floor and there was an fire escape exit door right next to my front door. I looked at the fire exit door and it was not closing. It was already shut. If he had gone through that door it would have been still closing. It was one of those doors that closed slowly. So where the bastard had to come from was from one of the two apartments across the hall from me on my floor. I don't think the crazy would have rushed down the steps to an apartment on either the second or first floor. But that is a possibility too. Now it is to be noted here that when I had went to lay down in bed for a few minutes I had left the door unlocked. It wasn't locked. So the bastard tried the key in the front door which he had and probably was amazed that he didn't need the god damn key this time. When I went back into the apartment, I found laying on my computer table a girlie magazine inside its plastic cover which the BLACK BLUE shit had left on my table. No, I didn't buy the thing. THEY were playing their games with women again with me. So I called my parents immediately. Got them out of bed to talk to them. Then I called the fucking cops and the crap cop on the phone doesn't even tell me that they are going to send out to my apartment an officer to take a report. So I hung up the phone and was getting really pissed. Then I took the girlie magazine still inside its plastic cover and drove down to the god damn police station. I walked up the desk were the cop was sitting and there were about two other cops there very late at night and told the shit what had happened. The cop was doing a fine job of not looking at me and ignoring me and I was getting pissed more. Then when I said something about some pills the bastard cop says to me very loudly "PILLS!". Then thats when I knew the shit cop was blowing me away. So then I took the magazine and threw it down on his desk and turned around and walked out of the fucking police station. So the shit cops never took a report from me to document this case. Convenient. These cops knew that a bastard was walking into my apartment at night. Hell. Yes. If I was smarter and more quick witted, I should have asked the ass hole officer what Secret Underground Society Side are you on and then he would really have enjoyed blowing me away telling me that I was a nut case and go take my pills. Yeah, right. Do you the CLEAN READER if you have gotten this far in this doc understand yet how the AMERICAN SECRET UNDERGROUND SOCIETY of cockroaches works? By now it should be as clear as a bell to you but there is much more to tell you for the American Evilness just keeps going on and on towards you throughout your whole life. I am living proof of it. So after this encounter with THEM having Big Balls of walking into my apartment at night when I sleep, I got smarter and put an indoor chain lock on the front doors of my future apartments.

I want to THANK the AMERICAN SECRET UNDERGROUND SOCIETY for teaching me during the past 18 years everything about THEM. For without THEM this doc could not be written. GRIN.

Now we are going to get back to talking about the doctors. The BLACK BLUE psychiatrists who kept me bounced among them and how I broke away from them.

Now in a visit to doctor X, doctor X started talking to me about refilling my Mellaril ( I was taking the brand name stuff which was pure) prescription with the Generic brand name which is called Thioridazine. I had to call a pharmacy to ask them what the generic brand name was since I don`t take it for a very good reason but instead the pure brand name. Now the god damn doctor X is going through all this spiel about how the generic brand will be cheaper for me; the reason it is cheaper is because it is impure (has more relaxed manufacturing standards); some people in taking it have a bad reaction to it and if I do to call doctor X; etc., etc. Now there was no reason to switch my prescription to the generic brand. Doctor X was playing a god damn game with the medicine with me and doctor X covered doctor X's ass really good when doctor X told me that I might have a bad reaction with the new medicine and to call doctor X if I did. Well, I did have a bad reaction with the medicine. My head felt like it was going to explode. I felt that I had a train sitting on top my head and I went to the emergency room for help. Needless to say I didn't get any help from the bastards there. So I didn't take the crap anymore and certainly didn't call the fucking doctor X about it since I definitely wanted by now to get rid of the bastard and all the rest of doctor X's referrals. So now I had no medicine to take and was feeling pretty lousy considering all the other shit that the BLACK BLUES AND BLACK REDS were putting me through at this period in my life. There WAS NO GOOD REASON TO GIVE ME THE GENERIC MEDICINE UNLESS THE DOCTOR WANTS TO HOPE THAT IT WILL CAUSE ME PAIN WHICH IT DID! Now right here before I forget, when I finally did get rid of doctor X I wrote a letter to some kind of medical board that was located in the area where I was living and reported this to them. Guess what! They never did write be back.

So now I am trying to find another doctor in the yellow pages of the phone book. Now I made a mistake in calling the wrong doctor but I learned again what was being done to me. I call this doctor and tell this doctor that I would like to make an appointment. It turns out I tell this doctor my name which naturally you have to do and that I am a current patient of doctor X! So immediately this doctor on the phone pushes me off and away and back onto doctor X by telling me, "I don't know your case. Go back to doctor X since doctor X has been treating you." Unbelievble! Since when do doctors refuse taking patients when a citizen of the Black Hole called the United States calls to make an appointment. By the way I wasn't smart enough to write the medical board to report getting refused medical care by a psychiatrist. Do you think it would have mattered. Of course not. I would have gotten white washed again by the BLACK REDS AND BLACK BLUES. Nothing would have been done. So now I am sitting in limbo again trying to find a psychiatrist.

So now I decide to go to the Crisis Center since this is where you had to go to get admitted into a hospital for bed rest and treatment. If you went to an emergency room they would send you over to the Crises Center in a police car so I decided to bypass all that shit. This is what they do to you in New York State, send you over in a police car with a driver and an officer sitting in the back seat with you. Its very Holy!

So now I am at the Crises Center in a little room talking to another shit doctor and his woman assistant about getting admitted and telling them to give me a phone book because I want to find a doctor in the yellow pages to call and have him/her to come to the hospital and treat me. Remember I am trying to get rid of doctor X here. So here is what the two pulled on me. The doctor says that we don't have any beds available but if you take this certain doctor we can get you into a bed otherwise if I don't take this certain doctor I can't get admitted and into a bed for treatment and rest. So I ask the bastard for a phone book and I am looking in the yellow pages at the different doctors names. Now these two BLACK SOULS walk out the room to go somewhere. I am left alone and I spot a doctor in the yellow pages that I was going to call.

Now since they two BLACK SOULS are still gone out of the little room I notice on the wall by the door a paper tacked to the wall explaining the PATIENTS RIGHTS TO GETTING ADMITTED! So now I am standing up by the door reading this stuff about patient rights. The thing which these ass holes never tell you about very conviently. So I am finding out that there are two ways that you can get admitted into a psych ward. One is INVOLUNTARILY AND VOLUNTARILY! Now if you get admitted Voluntarily that means once you are in a psych ward for bed rest and treatment that YOU CAN DISCHARGE YOUSELF OUT WHEN YOU FEEL THAT YOU ARE READY! If you get admitted INVOLUNTARILY that means the only way YOU GET OUT OF THE PSYCH WARD IS DEPENDENT UPON YOUR DOCTOR SIGNING THE DISCHARGE PAPERS! Pretty Holy.

Now I am done reading about my rights and am sitting by the door. So I hear them walking up to the door from the outside of the room I am in talking. They stop outside the door. Here is the jest of what I hear the fucking doctor tell the woman assistant just before they open the door and come back into the room. "He isn't going to get the doctor he wants!". "We learned a lot of what he can do (this means they were talking about doctor X passing onto THEM psychic information that THEY think I gave them in my office visits with doctor X)!". "Will give him doctor ------ ( I got to thank them for telling me the name of another doctor to STAY AWAY FROM IF I EVER AM FORCED TO GO BACK TO NEW YORK STATE TO LIVE!". "He will tell him everything that he is doing!". Interesting since I am doing nothing except to try and live and survive the evilness that permeates throughout the American Culture.

So now they come into the room and the doctor hands me a bunch of admitting papers to sign for admittance into a hospital for treatment. Now I am reading the first page of the papers and immediately I come across the fact that this was going to be an INVOLUNTARY admittance. So I told the ass holes that they did not tell me my rights because I read my rights right on the paper tacked to the wall and I wanted an INVOLUNTARILY admitance. So now the BLACK BLUE doctor`s face was turning red and he was telling like hell to get me to sign the papers which I refused to. So both of them went out of the room again and this time the other bastard the woman came back into the room with discharge papers to sign which told me that I was free to leave the Crisis Center and go home. I made sure that I read these papers very carefully before I signed them. I signed them and got my ass out of there still without a honest doctor and still needing bed rest and treatment. BUT I LEARNED THAT THE BLACK BLUE BASTARD DOCTORS HAD ME GOING AROUND IN A CIRCLE AMONG THEMSELVES. So now another Big Piece of the puzzle in regards to what the BLACK BLUE SIDE of doctors was doing to me came together for me.

So now what do I do? Okay. So now I call naturally the fucking doctor X to make an appointment. Now I go to doctor X's office for my appointment and we are talking about me finding another doctor to take my case. Naturally doctor X KNOWS all about me trying to get rid of doctor X by now since all the Secret Underground Info has been feed to doctor X! So I ask the bastard, "What were the names of all those other doctors you told me about a long time ago?". So now doctor X's mouth shuts tighter then a drum and doctor X's face is contorting. Doctor X says nothing! So immediately out of the clear blue sky I blurt out a doctor's name which I will label here as doctor O. Somebody in the Cosmic like maybe a guardian angel had to be looking over me here and had to feed into my mind the name of doctor O! Now once I blurt out of my mouth to doctor X the name of doctor O, doctor X's face contorts again because now doctor X knows that I am going to be getting out of the god damn circle of BLACK BLUE doctors that THEY have been bounching me around with! So now doctor X says that doctor X will call doctor O to set up an appointment and that I want doctor O to be treating me and handling my case. BINGO! I am out of the bastards office and went home.

So now a couple of more weeks have gone by since I tried to get myself admitted into the hospital for bed rest. So now I am feeling pretty lousy and drive over to an emergency room at one of the hospitals. This woman doctor comes into the room and asks me a question and I answer it and before you know it I am taking a ride again in a cop car with two cops over to the Crisis Center. Very Holy! Oh, by the way, I told these two cops and the bastards at the emergency room that "I need a wheel chair". The shit cops told me that "I can walk.". So I made my way to the squad car. Once I get to the Crisis Center I am back inside that little room again being interviewed by who ever was working the night shift. After an hour or so a nut tells me that "There are no beds available in any of the hospitals and they are going to take me to the State Hospital to get admitted.". The State Hospital is for the crazies and now I see it coming down on me really good! So here I go again back in another shit cop car with two cops taking me at 11:00 pm at night to the State Hospital. Now I am in this big god damn admitting room with this real cleaver doctor, two women attendents who handled medicine, and a guy who looked like a creep who sat in the room I was in watching me and the whole game being played with me by the fucking doctor. So now the doctor at his desk says that there are no beds available and that is why I am there. Yeah. Right. Listen to me this bastard doctor NEVER DID TELL ME WHAT RIGHTS I HAD! So he hands me a bunch of papers and tells me to sign. Naturally, I made a mistake and didn't read them. I just signed them and handed them back to him. Now he is playing a game with medicine since I told him I was taking Mellaril. The two women attendents were doing their damn best in not giving him any medicine to give me since they told him that all the medicine had been locked up for the night. So he gets up out of his chair to go to a small room where the two women attendents are since that is where all the different kinds of medicine were kept and as he is almost inside that medicine room I hear the shit tell the two women attendents there that "He is never going to leave here!" Another BLACK BLUE DOCTOR I just ran across again inside the Secret Underground Society. I was on edge being taken to that god damn place to begin with. Now I am on edge even more. So I hear the doctor and the two women attendents going around in circles in the medicine room about giving me medicine and finally the doctor wins over them and comes out with liquid Mellaril and tells me to drink it which I did. Next the damn doctor tells me that there are no beds available at the State Hospital but they can't release me unless its under somebodies custody. So I tell the bastard to call my father and he will come and pick me up. MY SOUL JUST GOT SAVED AGAIN BY GOD. No beds available but he made sure that he gave me the fucking medicine before he told me that no space was available for me! So my father comes and gets me and drives me to his house. My father had no idea what the hell I was being put through this night.

So now its the next day and my folks apparently must have called doctor X and this nut BLACK BLUE doctor must have told them that doctor O had been called by doctor X and to call doctor O about getting me admitted into a hospital for bed rest and treatment. So my folks would call somebody to see if I could get admitted today and the ass holes would tell my folks that "Yes, there is an opening." Then later my folks would be told that "No, there are no beds available.". They were getting pissed. Eventually that day my folks did take me to a hospital to check into. Also I had doctor O treating me there on a low dosage of Mellaril which was good. After a short stay, doctor O checked me out of the hospital and I was now doctor O's patient seeing doctor O at doctor O's office until I left New York State to go to Arizona to help my daughter to survive.


I will say here that doctor O was on the BRIGHT RED SIDE and I didn't have any problems with doctor O. In fact, doctor O told me that doctor O only prescribes the Brand Name of Mellaril and doesn't fuck around with the Generic stuff!

Now that I am feeling better I went back to the hospital and filled a complaint there about the bastards trying to force ONE OF THERE DOCTORS DOWN MY THROAT when I had gone to the Crisis Center as I explained earlier in this doc. I got white washed. No letter from the hospital ever was sent to me about the complaint I filled.

I also filled a complaint with some agency that oversees that god damn State Hospital about how I was sent there and treated by the god damn doctor. After two letters to the agency and two letters back to me it was a white wash job again given to me.


Okay! Now we are at the next incredible thing that hardly anybody will believe here.

Maybe ONE of the CLEAN readers in reading this doc will be pretty psychic and might understand this next thing I am going to try and explain!

Now I am out of the hospital feeling darn good and under the care now of my new doctor, doctor O. But now what is happening to me I discover is that when I am going out to restaurants to eat (I always ate out) I would finish my meal and 5 minutes later or just about after I finished my meal my brains would be all screwed up. I would feel like total shit. When I walked into the restaurant I felt fine. Now the interesting thing is that when I got my food off of a buffet table and ate I was okay. Now this feeling messed up after I ate didn't happen at all restaurants. Just at a couple of them where I was a regular. In fact I was thinking that maybe it was a sugar problem of some sort and I made an appointment with my doctor to give me a hypoglycemia test to see if that was causing the problem. The test was a couple of weeks away. So one day I go to one of my regular restaurants and am sitting at the counter and I was talking to a waitress who was on the BRIGHT BLUE SIDE and I told her about this problem ALL OF A SUDDEN I AM HAVING IN EATING FOOD! I tell her that right after I ate in here the other day my brains were fucked up. She asks me "Does it happen everywhere and where does it not happen? So I told her. Now the next day I am in this same restaurant sitting at the counter having coffee and I am looking at another waitress there who was on the BLACK BLUE SIDE and I all of sudden see her in a psychic frame of reference. In otherwords I see her LEFT ARM CUT OFF OR RATHER MISSING. SHE ONLY HAD AN ARM FROM THE ELBOW UP TO HER SHOULDER. So naturally I am trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Why I am seeing this for. So later that day I call my daughter in Arizona who is always extrememly psychic and tell her what I saw. My daughter says that "She was probably a thief in a past life.". That made a little bit of sense since civilizations did cut off the arm of thiefs. But I got thinking and thought maybe something was going to happen to her in the future where she was going to have an accident and lose her left arm. So now its another day back at the same restaurant sitting at the counter having coffee and these two waitresses are at the counter at the same time. So I tell the one whose arm I saw missing what I had seen psychically around her and her left arm cut off and to be careful in the future. Now the other waitress who was my pal (on BRIGHT BLUE SIDE) heard this. She immediately told the other waitress whose arm I had seen cut off "WHAT DID YOU PUT INTO HIS FOOD?". "YOUR GOING TO GET IT!". Naturally, the BLACK BLUE waitress replied back that she had put nothing into my food. So the BRIGHT BLUE waitress had a quicker and sharper mind then me after she heard what I had seen psychically around the waitress. Such as missing a left arm.

Let me continue here. It gets even better. So maybe the next day now again after eating in a restaurant my brains are screwed up right after I drank my coffee and finished my meal. So now I drive over to an emergency room and I tell them about what has been happening to me. The woman who is chceking me in at the desk checks out my sugar level and says to me that "Your sugar level is okay!". Okay. Hmmmm. So now they bring me to a waiting room to wait for the doctor and I am waiting and waiting for ever. Now as I am waiting for ever for the doctor my brains start clearing up. In otherwords, ITS WEARING OFF. I am feeling pretty good now. Back to my old self. So I find the nurse and tell her to check me out of here I am feeling okay now. I never did see the doctor. They told me that they had a whole bunch of heart attack patients coming into the emergency room and got way behind. So they let me go.

Okay. Here we go again. Another day I go over to a lounge and bar to sit at the bar to get a coke and have a little bit of conversation with the woman bartender. As I am sitting myself down on the stool and glancing up as the woman bartender is walking past me again I see her in a psychic frame of reference! I SEE ON HER RIGHT HAND A YELLOW GLOVE. Then I blink a couple of times and there is no glove there.

Now somebody was helping me out here feeding me information to help me to understand what was being done to me by the god damn cockroaches inside the American Society. It was either coming from GOD, the Cosmic, my Guardian Angel, or from my Higher Inner Self.

The yellow glove was telling me that, that woman was a chicken to dump something into my drink to screw up my brains.

So now IT ALL WENT AWAY OR RATHER DISAPPEARED! I no longer had a problem in drinking coffee and eating a meal at some of my selective restaurants. So I called my doctor and had him cancel my appointment in getting a hypoglycemia test! Besides the emergency room took a sugar test and said my blood sugar level was alright.

Okay, now the next thing the BLACK RED AND BLACK BLUES pulled on me is the following. One day I got a whole stack of papers from my insurance company who was paying me a monthly disability check to fill out and return to them. It was time for me to be reviewed apparently to see if I was still disabled. So I filled them out and mailed them back. So next I have an appointment with doctor O and doctor O tells me that the insurance company called him. Doctor O tells me the things that the person who said that he was a doctor from the insurance company on the phone was trying to pull on doctor O. In otherwords the doctor at the insurance company was telling my doctor how to treat me so that I could be taken off of receiving a monthly disability check from them. DOCTOR O WAS PISSED ABOUT IT! So to make a long story short here, doctor O blew the doctor on the phone away. So THEY TRIED TO CUT MY MONEY OUT SO THAT I COULDN'T SURVIVE AND WOULD HAVE TO DECLARE BANKRUPTCY! The Secret Underground Society will do everything they can possibly get away with to destroy you!

Now lets push on to the next one because this is a beaut too! Rather cleaver of THEM I would say.

Now I have decided to move out of the third apartment I am in and go live with my folks so that I can pay off all my debt and save as much money as I can since I decided to move to Arizona to help out my daughter who was struggling in a mess just about all by herself with no help from anybody. So I fill out a Change Of Address form at the post office and turn it in to them. Now I am just about out of the apartment and everything is either sold or moved over to my folks house. I started thinking that maybe I better go back over to the apartment since I still had the mailbox key and check to see if they left mail in my mailbox after I turned in a damn Change Of Address form. So I check my mailbox and sure enough there is mail in the god damn mailbox. Guess what. One of the letters was from the Family Support Court and when I opened it up and read it I had only so many days left to respond to the court papers or otherwise I would be PICKED UP BY THE COPS AND PUT INTO JAIL!

So what the BLACK RED OR BLACK BLUE bastard inside the post office did was not forward this letter to my folks house but instead sent it to my old apartment mailbox hoping that I would be picked up and screwed by the cops since I never would have received the god damn Family Support Court Ordered Papers first of all.

So I was pissed and drove over to the post office and showed a clerk working there that day the god damn letter from the court and told the shit that I had given them a Change Of Address Form prior to this letter being delivered to my old mailbox and that I could have been put into jail if I had never gone back to my old apartment mailbox to see if there was any mail there.


This ends describing what the Secret Underground Society has done to me during the time period from the middle of 1983 to the middle of 1991!

So the last part of this doc is going to cover what the bastards have done to me during the time period from the middle of 1991 to the present, 1994!

So now I am ready to drive to Arizona and help my daughter who is 17 years old. Now again from the Secret Underground Society grapvine I hear that the BLACK cockroaches are saying that "When he goes to Arizona were going to get him there too!" And THEY did to. I will explain how as I go on here.

So in the summer of 1991 I drive to Arizona.

I move into my first apartment and naturally I get an indoor chain lock on the door so I can chain it from the inside at night. My daughter is in her own apartment and I am supporting her and trying to get her straighten out in life.

Naturally I made sure that I moved into an apartment where I had to rent my furniture from the apartment complex. This way when they come into your apartment to install THEIR BUG you can get rid of the piece of furniture without incurring any lose in money to you since you don't own the stuff. Also naturally THEY had my phone wire tapped.

So life is going on pretty good. One night I decided to go to this restaurant that had a loung and bar to get a drink and it was a good thing I went there because I learned more. I am sitting at the bar and a couple of people to my right called slimballs are sitting there. Two guys. Naturally THEY spot me there and I hear come out of the mouth of one of the slimballs to the other guy the following: "He put a lock on his door. We can't go in there at night."

You see. These BLACK COCKROACHES that crawl out from under THEIR ROCK are ego manics also. THEY open up THEIR mouth to THEIR OTHER COCKROACH FRIEND thats with them THINKING THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HEAR THEM!

Next occurrence. At another time when I went to this loung for a drink I am sitting at the counter again next to some guy and his wife to my left and their is another BLACK COCKROACH sitting to their left around the corner of the bar counter. The guy (BLACK COCKROACH) looks at me and says the following to me: "Do you want to leave today or tomorrow." I ignore the shit. What he was telling me was do I went to get killed by them today or would I rather get killed by them tomorrow. Now the man and his wife who were sitting there naturally hear this cockroach say this to me and apparently they knew him and they told him that he better leave which he did immediately.

It comes with the territory folks. The constant attacks towards me by the fucking American Secret Underground Society.

So after a while I convince my daughter to rent a house with me. That it would be better if the two of us are living together since it would be cheaper for me.

Now also I had to find from scratch again doctors and dentists that wouldn't be from the god damn BLACK BLUE SIDE and from the BLACK RED SIDE. I did pretty good in this endeavor. The following doctors and dentists I found were the following:

1) Family Physician - Went through 2 others until I hit upon the right one. 2) Psychiatrist - The first two were alright and moved out of town. Now I am going to be seeing a brand new one which I haven't met yet. 3) Family Dentist - Excellet. Took this dentist around two years to finish up repairing my teeth from when I was living in New York State and the BLACK BLUE dentist X destroyed them as I talked about this earlier in this doc. 4) Endodontist - For myself. 5) Periodontist - For myself. 6) Ophthalmologist - For my daughter and myself. More on this latter in this doc. 7) Vascular Surgeon - For myself. 8) Podiatrist (Foot Specialist) - For myself. More on this latter in this doc. 9) Dermatologist - For myself.

Okay. Now my daughter started college and after about six months she moved out of the house and I moved out of the house shortly after she left and I am now in an apartment again and my daughter is in her apartment. I am supporting my daughter naturally. Kids just don't like to live with parents.

So naturally I have the landlord put an indoor chain lock on the inside of my door so the bastards can't get in at night. Naturally THEY come inside during the day or in the evening when you are running about town and before you come home to go to bed and latch the chain lock. BINGO, the kitchen table is planted with a bug - the kind you can't see unless you have an atomic microscope to see the god damn tiny thing. So what do you do, you leave the kitchen table there. Naturally I am renting all my furniture again from the apartment complex.

So now we are on the topic when my daughter needs her wisdom teeth pulled out. So we go to an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon. The dentist was alright. It was the help in the office that was the problem. So after my daughter's initial appointment, I ask her "Did they take X-Rays?" She said, "Yes.". So now I ask her, "Did they put a lead sheet on you to protect you from the X-Rays?". She said, "No, they didn't". I was pissed. So a god damn BLACK BLUE dental assistant GOT MY DAUGHTER WITH SHOOTING X-RAYS INTO HER. How cleaver. I wrote a letter to the dentist about it and never heard anything back! Unfortunately, I am piss poor and can't hire an attorney to always sue these BLACK Secret Underground Society Bastards.


Its called the American Dream Folks!

Now for the next topic here its about when a BLACK BLUE tried to convince me that I had a serious foot problem with my right foot and to go see one of these BLACK BLUE doctors, a Podiatrist ( foot doctor).

Here is how this occurred. I went to a store that just sold walking and running shoes to buy a pair. So as I am inside the store this male clerk who spotted me really fast (remember everybody knows who you are) waits on me. Now this BLACK BLUE is going through this really heavy spiel throwing around all these phony technical terms about my right foot. He also tells me that I may need an operation on that foot and if I did I would have more energy. Yeah, right. So this goes on and on and on with the bastard. As I am paying for the walking shoes which I never should have bought from the bastard in the first place, I ask him for the name of that doctor he was talking to me about to go see. Naturally he gladly writes down the doctor's name and phone number.

So now I got the doctors name and I know for a fact that the bastard would operate on my right foot and totally fuck it up so I couldn't walk if I ever went to see that doctor. CAUGHT ANOTHER BLACK BLUE DOCTOR TO STAY AWAY FROM.

Now listen. Here is what these BLACK BLUES AND BLACK REDS DO TO YOU!

1) They purpose a make believe problem to you that doen't exist as being a problem for you! 2) Next they purpose to you what you should do to solve the make believe problem. 3) Lastly they show you what the solution is to the make believe problem naturally to your DETRIMENT!

Now many months later I got a referral from my Family Physician who I know is not a BLACK BLUE in regards to seeing a good Foot Doctor for a toe nail problem that I had. I went to see this doctor and he took care of my minor problem and I HAD NO RIGHT FOOT PROBLEM!

Okay. The next thing is this. My daughter was going to college and naturally in trying to be a good parent you ask your child how is it going and are you having any problems with the teachers. Well, to make a long story short there were three teachers that were doing her in and pulling fast ones on her when she was in class. So I had her drop two classes rather than get nailed further to the cross by two of the teachers. The 3rd teacher that gave her a problem was a teacher that she just had from a previous class from the previous semester which said if my kid did something extra for the teacher that the teacher would change a grade for her to a better grade which my daughter was pissed about. Naturally this teacher never did change her grade.

So I know what the hell is going on! Naturally. So I wrote a bitch letter to the president of the college explaining to him everything that I could find out that was happening to my kid because of these three specific teachers. He never did write me back. Naturally!

SO NOW I GOT AN INNOCENT KID GETTING SCREWED BY THE BLACK BLUES AND BLACK REDS! A kid that doesn't comprehend and understand anything about what I am revealing in this doc called The Secret Underground World Society!

Okay. The next thing is that my tire gauge is screwed up but I didn't know it at the time. So I go buy a brand new one and check a couple of tires and it says I only have 10 lbs of pressure in them. I say to myself this can't be right 10 lbs of pressure because the old tire pressure gauge says I got a lot more. So I go to a gasoline station and ask the guy there to check my tires. I also made the mistake of telling him that I am suppose to have 29 lbs of pressure in my tires. So he starts checking the first one and says to me its okay. Now there is another guy there. An old man who is checking the other tires to and when he checks one of them he tells me there is only 10 lbs of pressure in the tire. So he goes to get the first guy and tells him to check that tire because he thinks that his tire pressure gauge is wrong! So the first guy checks the tire and says its alright. That I got 29 lbs of pressure in it and says all the other ones are alright too. Bullshit.

So I knew I just got screwed again by another slimball BLACK BLUE. So I made my way over to the car dealer and asked them to check my pressure with their tire gauge and they told me that I only had 10 lbs of pressure in my tires and that my tire pressure gauge was screwed up! So they pumped up my tires to 29 lbs and I was safe.

Next occurence. One day I brought my car over to the dealer to get an oil change. Fine. No problem. Also they check your tire pressure for you too and would put in the maximum cold inflation pressure as stamped on the tire. Mine was at 35 lbs. So now the next day I go to check my tire pressure when it has just been sitting out all night and I fine out that the pressure in the tires is 42 lbs. Pretty clever of the person who pumped me up to 42 lbs which would have given me a good blow out on all 4 tires as I am tooling down the interstate at 60 miles an hour maybe getting killed conveniently.

It never ends. THEY try this and THEY try that and THEY try this and THEY try that for ever! Its the American Dream!

Next thing. I had two Aids test done and found out from the grapvine that the cockroaches were hoping that I turned out positve. Also my daughter had an Aids test done and the god damn cockroaches I heard were hoping that she turned out positive. We both turned out negative. Boy were the BLACK AMERICAN Cockroaches depressed. In fact THEY knew what the test results were before me and my daughter knew! YEP!

The American Nightmare rolls on.

Okay. Now I move out of my apartment at the apartment complex into a smaller cheaper apartment at the same complex. Now my rented furniture which I had just got transferred over to the other apartment. Naturally, the bug installed in the kitchen table just gets transferred over to my new apartment too. How convenient and easy it was for THEM. Just roll over the stuff to the new apartment and bingo still bugged again.

Now one day I come home in the afternoon and head for the bathroom to go to the toilet. I look into it and lord and behold there is a spider the size of a half dollar TRYING TO WALK ON THE ENAMEL IN THE TOILET BOWL. This was an easy one to figure out how the god damn thing got into the bowel. The BLACK BLUE bugs came into the apartment and stuck IT THERE in the bowel hoping that I would sit down and have it bite my ass and poison me making me sick and perhaps even killing me! So I flushed the damn thing down the toilet.

Now look. I live on the ground floor. There is only one door leading into the place. When you open up the front door you have to step down a ledge to be on the sidewalk. There are no holes in the apartment walls for a spider to have gotten through. No way in hell. In other words, this spider didn't have wings and fly into the place and land into the toilet bowel. It was another screw that was dealt to me by THEM!

Next thing living inside the American Dream or should we by now say American Evilness is the following.

I had a tarot deck in my apartment called the Rose tarot deck. It was in my cupboard with a different tarot deck. So one day I decided to give the Rose tarot deck to a waitress who worked at a restaurant. I didn't want it anymore. So I go to the restaurant and of course asked her if she wanted it since I didn't want to force it onto anybody. She said, "Yes.". So I gave it to her. Now I know that she had a kid or two and was splitting the cost of an apartment with some guy. So now about a week goes by and I go to my cupboard where the other tarot deck is sitting and lord and behold I find sitting ontop of the deck this Rose Tarot deck which I had given to the god damn waitress about a week earlier! No shit. True. So I am now looking through the instruction booklet that was with the deck and I come across a page scribbled on in ink. Yep. She took the deck home and one of her kids got to the deck and played with it then the BLACK BLUES got really cleaver and took the deck from her and AGAIN walked into my apartment during the day when I wasn't there using THEIR KEY and put the deck back where the other deck was!

THE GAME THEY WERE PLAYING WAS AGAIN IN TRYING TO POP YOUR BRAINS! Hopefully, you the CLEAN READER understands how the hell the Secret Underground Society works by now!

Now you have to understand that these BLACK COCKROACHES go into your apartment and go through everything you got to see exactly what you do have and what can they do to you to POP YOUR BRAINS! You don't really think that in calling the cops and trying to report all this kind of Secret Underground Society shit happening to you is going to do any good do you! Of course not and THEY KNOW IT!

Now let me say something here. NOBODY STOPS ALL THIS SHIT FROM HAPPENING TO YOU. You are basically on your own when it comes to surviving the Secret Underground Society`s constant attacks on your body and soul! Even those other sides which are suppose to be the BRIGHT RED AND BRIGHT BLUE SIDES never stop anything from happening to you. So if you know that your name is on THEIR LIST may GOD be with you in protecting you.

Here is the next trick that THEY pull on me.

I have written down on a piece of paper the numbers of boxes that contain computer equipment which I have stored back at my folks house in New York State. So what I did one day was try and find this piece of paper so that I could call my folks during the day and give them the box numbers to ship out to me! I couldn't find the damn thing. I only live in a cramped up small one bedroom apartment so it is hard as hell to misplace things! So since I can't find this piece of paper I go and get the original copy which contains a complete list of all my stored boxes of computer equipment located back at my folks house. So I call my folks during the afternoon and give my folks the box numbers of a couple boxes to ship out to me.

Now you have to remember that there is a bug sitting right ontop of me in my kitchen which is right next to my living room (no partition) hearing everthing that I am saying on the phone to my folks. So I hang up the phone and decide to go see a movie. I am at the movie now and its about two hours long and I get out of the movie and come directly back home. So now I walk into my apartment and head directly towards the kitchen and BINGO guess what is sitting ontop of my kitchen table. THE GOD DAMN MISSING PIECE OF PAPER WITH THE BOX NUMBERS THAT I COULDN'T FIND!

The BLACK BLUE AND BLACK RED jerks heard my conversation with my folks over the phone about getting them to ship out the boxes through THEIR INSTALLED BUG in my apartment and heard me leave my apartment and knew that I was gone. So the cockroache got a quick phone call from THEIR BUG HEADQUARTERS and BAM came into my apartment AGAIN with the missing piece of paper which they took previously when THEY ENTERED my apartment and placed the shit thing right down where I couldn't miss it ontop of my kitchen table!

Its the same game that THEY have played over and over. Try to POP the guys brains. Didn't work and it will never work!

Now you have to understand that these Black Cockroaches who crawl out from under THEIR ROCKS never take from your house your check book, money, etc. Because if THEY did then the cops would believe that. So what they take are pieces of paper, ball point pens, etc. trivial shit to try and pop your brains and if you were going to call the cops and tell them that, hey, somebody entered my house and stole a piece of paper and then brought it back, or stole a ball point pen the cops would immediately tell you to go see a doctor. Listen. These BLACK COCKROACHES inside the Secret Underground Society are PROS!! THEY have been doing THEIR SHIT of AMERICAN TERRORISM TO THEIR OWN CITIZENS FOR A VERY LONG, LONG TIME!

Okay. Next thing.

I am at this restaurant sitting at the counter having a cup of coffee and I decided to give it a shot and ask a waitress out for a date. Now I already talked about THEM stealing women from me previously in this doc so that THEY COULD HOPE THAT THEY WOULD TURN ME INTO A HOMOSEXUAL!

Well, the woman doesn`t say anything right in front of me but instead she goes 10 feet away in front of me thinking that she is out of ear shot and is now standing right next to another waitress on her left when I over hear her say to the other woman "I am going to ask THEM if I can go out with him.". YEP. I got the same BIG PROBLEM. Needless to say she never later did tell me that it was okay for her to go out with me on a date. I am sure glad that I don't have my ears filled up with wax and can hear.

Now I will also say here that I discovered by watching these BLACK RED AND BLACK BLUES operate that the ONLY KIND OF WOMEN THAT THEY WOULD NOT STEAL FROM ME AND LET ME GET INVOLVED WITH WERE WOMEN THAT WERE MENTALLY ILL AND/OR PHYSICALLY SICK!! Thats how terrorists work. Steal the good ones and let him have the sick ones.

Alright the next topic is about how these THINGS were hoping that THEY could make me go blind. When I first got to Arizona in 1991 naturally I had to start finding doctors WHO WERE NOT BLACK REDS AND BLACK BLUES! I remember I found an ophthalmologist who was ALRIGHT. But I didn't need to go to this doctor at the time. I know this sounds confusing. But over the years it was confirmed by another doctor that this ophthalmologist was one of the GOOD ONES. Now during this time period I got wind of it through the grapvine that the COCKROACHES were trying to figure out how to make me blind since naturally they love me just like I love THEM! But the cockroaches knew that I had already a long time ago made contact with this ophthalmologist and that THEY would be hard pressed to convince me someway to see naturally one of THEIR REFERRALS to give me an operation needlessly to make me go blind. So THEY immediately got BLOWN AWAY because my daughter and me went to the ophthalmologist that I knew was GOOD and we both had our eyes checked for glasses and we are both okay!

You always got to be on your toes watching to see what the American Secret Underground Society Terrorists are going to do to you next!

We are getting just about to the end of this doc now.

Now the next thing that the Secret Underground Society pulled on me is the following.

Located right by my front door is a built in alarm which comes with all these apartments. I never used it before which I should have but now I do. So one day I found out from the landlord how to key in my code. Now when you are about to leave the apartment and walk out the door you key in your alarm code and you can hear beep, beep, beep, etc. as you put the code in and you see a little red light that says that it is armed now. Now when you come home and unlock your front door and open up the door to go into your apartment the alarm goes off. Its pretty loud. So now what you do to turn it off after it has gone on is key your code in again and it turns it off!

Now here is the whole point of this. I had been setting my alarm when I would go out running around town and one afternoon I came home. So I went to the kitchen cupboard to get a cereal bowl since I was going to have something to eat. A god damn bowl was missing. Bam. THEY came into the apartment again. Nothing stops THEM. I had four cereal bowls and now all of a sudden I got only three with one missing. THEY LOVE TO PLAY THEIR GAME OF POP YOUR BRAINS.

So now I go to the landlords office and I inquire about what happens if something in my apartment needs to be repaired and I have set the alarm and have left. Can you get in by turning off the alarm and then when you leave turn the alarm back on? The answer is yes! The apartment complex has a maintenance special code that can be used to turn off the alarm and then be used to turn your alarm back on just like nothing ever happened! BINGO!

Listen. These bastards can get THEIR HANDS ON ANYTHING THEY WANT TO GET THEIR HANDS ON including the apartment complexes special maintenance code. Open up the door with THEIR KEY immediately turn off the alarm do THEIR terrorists shit in 1 minute then re-arm the alarm and shut the door and lock it and bam their all done and gone!

Now the next thing is the following.

I started operating another BBS system on my very old Amiga 1000 computer. I called it naturally ESP-NET BBS. Now one night I am watching this guy come on my BBS and having problems in knowing what the hell to do. So I break in and start trying to talk to him to help him out. He was a total ass hole. He says to me the following when I am trying to help him out, "I am protected just like you are.". He was ex-military and another one of these cockroaches on the BLACK BLUE SIDE. Another crazy one! Interesting how nobody has ever sent me a god damn letter telling me that I am being protected and you would never know it from my life of constant shit attacks from these BLACK REDS and BLACK BLUES as I have tried to describe in this doc.

The BBS only lasted about two weeks because I closed it down. I was so pissed.

Now I kept records in an Amiga Database program that I had on everybody who called the BBS and became members of it. I had two disks labeled BBS Addresses. Now for EVERY disk I have, I have a MASTER COPY and a BACKUP COPY. As a couple of months go by I am now trying to find these two disks of BBS Addresses! I only find one of the disks so I go through every damn disk that I had trying to find the other one. MISSING! Disks just don't disappear out of your filling cabinet where you keep them. So again the cockroaches in the BLACK BLUE SIDE came into the apartment looking for the disk and took the damn thing. Remember that the BUG is still in the apartment in the kitchen table which allowed them to know that I had these disks and what the name on the label was since I had a friend over and was telling my friend everything about the BBS!

Now I know you won't believe this but it is very important and for posterity sake I am going to record it here. Its back to the old Great White Brotherhood problem again. These BLACK BLUE AND BLACK RED cockroaches think that people in the Great White Brotherhood are calling my BBS. That this is one of the ways they are contacting me giving me information. Just because I called the damn BBS ESP-NET BBS. Believe me this is true. THESE crazys think that I am running somekind of ESP NETWORK! Unbelievable, incredible, and THEY are crazy. Listen. If the Americans EVER DID REALLY FIND ANY GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS, THEY WOULD ASSASSINATE THEM IMMEDIATELY! This is why THEY stole the damn disk of addresses!

The next point is this. When I was just getting the BBS on-line I was advertising the BBS as much as possible so I could get members onto the BBS! I made up a bunch of business cards that had the BBS name on them with the telephone number to call. So I went over to a computer store that I knew and was talking to a guy there about giving him a bunch of these business cards to make available to their customers. Now as I am about ready to get started in talking to this guy one of the other workers in the store gets immediately on his phone and makes a call and since I don't have shit inside my ears hear him say over the phone that "He is one of them!". Maybe I am about 15 feet away from the idiot on the phone when I heard what he said. Here is what was going on. The nut on the phone thought that the guy I was talking to was a Great White Brotherhood member just because I had opened up a BBS called ESP-NET, wrote a god damn letter why back in the 1970's about a psychic vision I had, am psychic, etc.. REMEMBER THAT THE AMERICAN COCKROACHES ARE OBSESSED WITH STEALING PSYCHIC AND SPIRTUAL INFORMATION. THEN ONCE THEY SUCCEED IN STEALING IT THEY WILL ASSASSINATE YOU!

Now the next topic is about credit bureaus that contain your credit history.

I was trying to get my credit card limit increased to a higher value from a bank and received back from them a "Letter Of Declination". On the letter of declination were two credit agencies listed whereby the bank received a credit history from. So I contacted both credit reporting agencies to obtain my credit history and to see what they had in their computer database on me.

Now from one of these credit collecting agencies I get back the paper work on my credit history and "I don't have any credit history reported". To make the long story short here it turned out that this agency used for my name in doing a credit search in their database on me the name "Truly Yours". No shit. This is true. So I got screwed again by a BLACK BLUE OR A BLACK RED who pumped out the obvious blatent lie to me! YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS BY NOW. GIVE THE GUY SOMEMORE PAIN IN LIFE! Its called the American Dream and Freedom.

So I was pissed. I eventually did get my credit history out of these bastards.

So now I write the Attorney Generals Office in Arizona and file a complaint with them and sent them copies of everything that was sent to me by the credit bureau when they first told me that I had no credit history and used for my name "Truly Yours". I get a letter back from the Attorney Generals Office telling me that they sent copies of the stuff to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) asking them if any laws have been broken by the credit bureau. So now more than two months have gone by and no word from the FTC! So I write another letter to the Attorney Generals Office telling them that more than two months have gone by and I have not heard from the FTC. So now after about a week to two later I get a bunch of shit back from the FTC about credit collecting bureaus. In other words, they did not answer the original question that was sent to them to begin with. I got white washed again. So I am pissed again and now write another letter back to the Attorney Generals Office sending them all the shit that the FTC had sent me. As of now I have not heard anything further from the Attorney Generals Office and don't ever expect to. THESE BLACK COCKROACHES ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Now about the second credit reporting agency on the letter of declination.

I get a letter back from the second agency telling me that I need to send in to them a copy of the "Letter Of Declination". So I scribble a note on the letter they sent me telling the BLACK COCKROACHES that I did send in a copy of it to them. That it was stapled to the cover letter which I had mailed to them and that somebody in their organization tore it off and threw it in the trash can. So I stapled a copy of the "Letter Of Declination" AGAIN to a copy of their god damn letter back to me and mailed everything in to them AGAIN! I did then get my credit history report from them. BY NOW THE CLEAN READER SHOULD BE SEEING HOW THESE AMERICAN BLACK AND RED COCKROACHES WORK IT WHEN THEY GOT YOU ON THE TOP OF THEIR LIST!

Now we are going to be on the final topic and this doc will be finished!

Being rather tired of having that BUG stuck on my kitchen table, I got the maintenance guy were I live to move the table and chairs out of my apartment into storage since I am renting the furniture to begin with! BINGO. BUG GONE! As I heard from the cockroach grapvine again THEY WERE PISSED THAT I HAD FOUND IT AND GOT RID OF IT! But listen. These BLACK AMERICAN SOULS work really fast like I have said before. THEY can put another one back into your house within one day. Just leave your house to go somewhere for an hour and bam they are back into it with another BUG installed.

Now also from the grapvine I heard these BLACK BLUE AND BLACK RED cockroaches saying the following thing about my daughter since THEY were pissed, " He has a daughter. We can hurt her and then that will hurt him!" Yep. Evilness at its finest.

You see they also don't want my daughter to have anything in life too. They have been fixing her when she has been going to numerous places to find work at just the minimum wage of $4.25/hr. THEY won't hire her. Screw the kid then you bring more pain to the father! To bad these cockroaches never go to church and read the Bible and the 10 Commandments. Naturaly my daughter doesn't know anything about any of this. But at least she is on Food Stamps now with me trying to support her too. She is going to have a VERY DIFFICULT LIFE BEING FUCKED OVER BY THE BLACK COCKROACHES TOO AND NOT KNOW AND NOT REALIZE WHY THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING TO HER!



Since I have been advertising for many months now about writing this doc, I have heard from the cockroach grapvine that they have checked into seeing if there was some way to commit me into a mental institution in the State Of Arizona for exposing THEIR Secret Underground Society. The American Black Blue and Black Red cockroaches are going to be really hard pressed to do that to me since I already know that in this state a person needs a court order to get that done. And I think it has to come from a realative.

Also I have called this doc Secrets1.Doc since I expect THEM to now attack me and my daughter again and for nothing to have changed in our lives by the writing and publication of this doc.

Therefore, I will be writing and publishing another doc in the future called Secrets2.Doc outlining THEIR ATTACKS AND HATRED towards the two of us which will happen to us because of the writing of the present doc called Secrets1.Doc.

I hope it will not take another 18 years to write the second doc!

Just remember.

It just takes a few good women and a few good men to do nothing to let evil triumph.