Creation date:  1994/1995
 Equipment list:
   Gravis UltraSound
   Linux 1.1/1.2
   tclmidi 2.0
   custom-written composition scripts

   acb :  concept, script development

 Limited private release 1995
 /vmunix cassette rerelease 1997 rerelease 2000.
Some responses:

"I like it. :) Congrats. ... Keep working on it."
"couldn't tell side one from side two, but it was ok."
"pretty freaky shit..."
"Tape is great! ... I played it for my friend who has a techno record store, and he thought the whole concept etc was killer."
"On a B1FF scale of 0 to 1, i give it a 1"
"Listened to ... (and) liked the tape ... It changes form just as you have gotten used to the pattern, but just before you get bored with it. Bravo."
"Definitely cool."
"One difficult aspect of instrumental music is to keep it interesting without being too repetitive... Your computer did a good job."
"It's dance music for aliens"

another /vmunix product