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Viral marketing: Windows email worm links to porn sites, sends itself to victim's contacts. (CNN)

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New retro-camp fad: 60s/70s public information films rereleased on video for the amusement of post-ironic retro hipsters. (BBC News)


More information on a classic of psychoceramic literature, Pedro Carolino's English As She Is Spoke:

For embarking one's self:

Don't you fear the privateers!
I jest of them; my vessel is armed in man of war, I have a vigilant and courageous equipage, and the ammunitions don't want me its.
Never have you not done wreck?
That is arrived me twice.
Some orgeat, some sirup, some paltry wine

Some black pudding, some sugar-plum, some wigs, a chitterling sausages, a dainty-dishes, vegetables boiled to a pap

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Culture-jamming crackers break into New Media Centre, set up warez site as "installation art". (via NtK)