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Today is Jam Echelon Day. (Note the nifty random-subversive-text generator on this page.)


Brazilian artist discusses the artistic promises of genetic engineering, proposes creating a transgenic glowing dog:

Transgenic art, I propose, is a new art form based on the use of genetic engineering techniques to transfer synthetic genes to an organism or to transfer natural genetic material from one species into another, to create unique living beings. Molecular genetics allows the artist to engineer the plant and animal genome and create new life forms...
Hence, my current work: GFP K-9. GFP stands for Green Fluorescent Protein, which is isolated from Pacific Northwest jellyfish (Aequorea Victoria) and which emits bright green light when exposed to UV or blue light... The use of the Green Fluorescent Protein in a dog is absolutely harmless, since GFP is species independent and requires no additional proteins or substrates for green light emission.

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Interactive system administration: Now you can blow away processes in DOOM: (via Slashdot)

If you really want to try this yourself on a Linux box, you can. The application is very touchy and development is hindered by guys with shotguns killing my shell windows.