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AT&T open the Korn Shell source. Whether, with zsh and the like, this is more than a historical curiosity, remains to be determined. (Slashdot)


The history of the Utah Teapot, much beloved of 3D modelling people, and a copy of the long-lost Cup, Saucer and Spoon and links to other clichés.


Some nutter is porting OpenGL to the PalmPilot. (via Slashdot)


Good rant about the surfeit of open-source projects: (Freshmeat)

Is there a cool KDE application? Rewrite it from scratch with the GTK+ toolkit. Don't contribute enhancements to the existing project. Don't even evaluate their codebase for potentially reusable code; that goes against the spirit of COMPETITION. You need to write something... cooler. Is there a Java version yet? Rewrite it. What about a console version? Rewrite it. A applet? Rewrite. An EPPLET? REWRITE. A pure assembly version? RE. WRITE. ... Remember that rewriting is always a more creative process than porting, and there's nothing more important in mental health than a creative outlet. Doing a search on the appindex for "icq" will demonstrate how popular this method of project development/psychotherapy can be.

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