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Things to look forward to: Someone on says that the entire Not Drowning Waving catalogue is to be rereleased this year.


Thought-provoking rant about the corporate mind, by "Seth Jones".

I have this fantasy that the beep that signals an incoming call on the transaction line is actually designed to break up the possibility of independent thought. The occupancy design holds within it the key component to all brainwashing techniques and that is total randomness.
We believe that freedom is related to the money we have, the ability to do things, and most importantly, what we CONTROL. In our quest for the American Dream, we believe that Freedom means we have to control things -- our image, our money, our children, our CEOs, our government, our lives.
Here is how "they" take control. Make money important; make the worker work at the expense of his family with monotonous work. The computer provides the greatest opportunity to sever the family connection since Henry Ford. Make it impossible for anyone to make a living anymore unless they are working 2 jobs, or if you have children, both parents work full time so that someone else is responsible for your child's upbringing. Then provide "incentives". Now with all this pressure, even if you want to step off the grid, you can't.
The Samurai have a very helpful code with regard to making decisions. First, if you cannot make a decision about something within 3 breaths, it is not your decision to make. Second, Any decision made, make with no judgment, no regrets and no remorse. It will save you lots of time.
If you must control, know that the only thing we have any control over at all is how we perceive something.