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Rather unimaginative April Fool's, or another Windows-on-Linux application? (Freshmeat)


AOL Time Warner buys France (Salon, imitating The Onion):

With its population of nearly 59 million people, its natural resources of coal, iron ore, bauxite and potash, its history of fine art, literature and incomprehensible literary theory, and the exciting film stylistics of Gerard Depardieu, France makes an ideal counterpart to Time AOL's content, analysts say.

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In Salon's All Fools' Day edition, a surreal rant poem of a piece about music or pop culture or something:

It comes as no surprise, then, that the eponymous release could not be denied. While old-style beats borrow heavily on equity not quite fully amortized at today's favorable, if volatile, rates, the new rhythm sits pretty with a 10 percent share in Napster start-ups and, and an on-board street-luge coach from the X Games as in-house terpsichorean.


Interesting review of Arthur C. Clarke's latest book. (WIRED News)