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Christian tomato growers quit -- over feng shui tomatoes, denouncing the technique as a "godless creed". (Telegraph)

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When a disturbed patient told him that he feared that he might be gay, a psychiatrist told him to have sex with male and female prostitutes, with unfortunate results: (Telegraph)

Mr A had done his best to comply, despite his parents' objections, by going to Brighton and contacting two female prostitutes through cards in telephone boxes. Terrified of contracting Aids, he covered his body with plasters to avoid being infected through a cut. The meeting was "literally and metaphorically a flop".

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Two entrepreneurial stoners from Seattle are starting a marijuana delivery service in Europe.

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In the name of art: A British sculptor's latest exhibit consists of having had a van disassembled and reassembled inside a living room: (Reuters)

``Somehow through repositioning or remaking them, I explore their meaning and how we classify objects.'' Wright, who has been short-listed for a $31,680 British arts prize, entitled her work ``Honey, I parked the van in the living room!'


It's official: The Paradise Motel are no more. An email from one of the band members to that effect has been forwarded to the paradise-motel mailing list.

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