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The RSL, it seems, has taken a leaf out of Fred "" Phelps' book and started ranting indignantly about the menace of homosexuality. (The Age)


New nasty ways of killing people: You've heard of the Colombian necktie; now here is the Colombian necklace: (Reuters)

They said rebels used a silicone adhesive and glue to attach the bomb to the body of Elvira Cortes Gil, 52, after breaking into her home in central Boyaca province at dawn. The pressure-release device exploded more than six hours later, while police and army bomb squad technicians were struggling to deactivate it and remove it from her body.


The Moonies apparently have bought United Press International. (The Register)

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A review of what looks like a fascinating book on evolutionary psychology, sexual selection and human nature:

According to Miller, large areas of the highest human activity - linguistic display, art, science, ideology and religion - have the same fundamental origin [as the peacock's tail]: the need to impress potential mates. "Human culture is mostly courtship effort," he says. Borrowing the idea of "conspicuous consumption" from the American sociologist Thorstein Veblen, he says that "the only reliable way to advertise one's fitness is to produce a signal that costs a lot of fitness".
"Non-jealous men and women ... are not our ancestors, having been left in the evolutionary dust by rivals with different passionate sensibilities."


Kid Rock starves to death. MP3 piracy blamed. (The Onion)

An all-star fundraiser CD featuring Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, and Korn was similarly scrapped when an individual known only by the user name acquired a promotional copy and made it available to millions of fans over the Internet.

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0-+> is now just called Prince again. (The Age)


A guy named Matthew Rossi has one of the more lucid blogs out there. Just ignore the AtroCities banner ad popups. (via Virulent Memes)