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Lars Ulrich, Metallica drummer and anti-Napster crusader, replies at length to questions posed by Slashdot penguinheads.


I just tried twice to upload a track to, in both cases failing. The first time, it uploaded and then failed to load the next page, consequently discarding the MP3 it had spent half an hour fetching; the second time, it uploaded and gave me the "closed for maintenance" page.

I'll probably upload it over the weekend sometime, though that means it is unlikely to show up on before Wednesday or so.

This is the latest in a long history of flakiness from Sometimes it lists a track but doesn't put up the actual MP3s for a day or two. Also, another artist I know got locked out of his account by a password-munching glitch of some sort.

If this unreliability continues, I may move to IUMA instead; their site doesn't have all the features of, and runs ads for scaremongering anti-drug propaganda sites, but I doubt it'd be falling over all the time.