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Arcane diversions: An interesting page, looking at the history of the letter Þ, used in Old English and Icelandic, and how it may be sorted in the alphabet.


Melbourne Film Festival report: This afternoon I saw Angst, a new Australian indie comedy. It's a most enjoyable film, rather quirky and very amusing; in some ways it's a bit like Clerks (though not very much). The soundtrack (which includes tracks by artists such as Pnau, Endorphin and Sonic Animation, as well as some great trip-hoppy vocals by Abi Tucker (who starred in the film) and excerpts from the score by paranoid feral technomeister David Thrussell (SNOG, Soma) ) also looks well worth getting. It goes on sale soon; the film, however, will go on general release at the end of August. When it opens, it's well worth going to see.


A representative of teen-pr0n-rights group Peacefire rips into a censorware convention.

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