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UK movie magazine Empire's web site are having a poll on what Alec Guinness' best film was. I was thinking: wouldn't it be cruel to forward this link to Slashdot, and watch as Star Wars wins with a 98% majority? But I'm not that much of a bastard, so I won't.

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Apparently, there is a film project in the early phases of development, titled Dracula vs. Hitler, scripted by the author of the Ed Wood screenplay. Should be interesting to see if we see anything of this.


There's an interesting discussion on Slashdot about how human languages influence programming languages, and how languages designed by non-English-speakers would differ from ones designed by English-speakers. (Oddly enough, some of the most elegant recent programming languages come from non-English-speaking countries; Ruby and Python, for example, are of Japanese and Dutch origin, respectively, while Perl is very American. What does this say about the clarity of the English language?)

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For those of you in Melbourne, local community radio station 3RRR, who are supported mostly by listener subscriptions, are having their annual Radiothon, in which they appeal for subscriptions. If you listen to this station (and it's orders of magnitude better than the commercial ones and the teenage doof-and-R&B stations), do the right thing and subscribe; not only do you help keep a good station on the air, but you also become eligible for discounts and can win doovy prizes.


The Village Voice on that most Darwinian of extreme sports, train surfing. (via FollowMeHere)


Denial's not just a river in Egypt: A backlash against positive thinking is mounting, as psychologists discover that pessimism and negativity can, in some situations, be more practically useful than forcing a positive attitude, and that false optimism can be unhealthy. (via FollowMeHere)


I went to see The Virgin Suicides tonight; it is excellent. The cinematography, design and score (by French retro synth outfit Air) combine with the script brilliantly, producing a haunting, evocative, whole. In a way the theme of the film is a universal one; it's about the moments we lose forever but cannot let go of; the things which obsess us, but which we can never fully understand, however hard we try. The narrator's story in the film is an extreme example of something that happens, to some extent, in every life.

All in all, I recommend this film highly. Don't see it if you need cool explosions or car chases though.