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Several pages of photos of upcoming high-tech gadgets from Japan. (via Techdirt)


The BBC has an article about the 8-bit emulator phenomenon. It's saddening to see that companies are siccing their lawyers onto those who copy old games for long-obsolete computers. Though there is some hope, with the likes of Amstrad giving carte blanche to emulate their old machines. (Didn't the Amstrad and Spectrum's ROMs contain Microsoft BASIC? Wouldn't Darth Bill's army of lawyers have something to say about this?)

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"It is a much cleverer thing to speak nonsense than to listen to it." A good essay on how the cult of obfuscation has swallowed up the study of literature:

suffixes are added, like flourishes in music, to words considered too plain... inert becomes inertial. One graduate student substitutes the more rococo relationality for relation. In a class on Thoreau, we turn a noun into a verb, and speak of how he solitudinised. It is common to speak of technology when one perhaps simply means method
I ask one professor what is on her bedside table. The answer: a bestseller about physics. `No novels?' Her reply: `I don't read literature for pleasure any more'. One of my peers, who came to Yale after abandoning a degree in creative writing, is scornful of writing and of reading. `The joy of analysis, that's what it's all about', he rhapsodises. `Pure intellectual play. Much better than reading.' His expression is quite serious. For him, enjoyment of literature is a stage that one transcends.

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Melbourne readers: If you get a chance to see a band named Down Town Brown, do so. I just came back grom their show, and it was awesome. The three members got up on stage in brown suits and funny green hats, played a number of songs, danced robotically and put on a most entertaining show. Highlights included a live rendition of Quantum Funk and a very bootywhanglicious take on a Romper Room song. All in all, a lot of fun.

One support act (Clann Zu) was also great. Despite their name, they're not a German electro-industrial band, but a local five-piece, playing with a guitar, a bass, a violin, drums and lots of reverb/effects. A bit shoegazey, and with a feel somewhat reminiscent in places of the Paradise Motel. Their set was rather short, though, due to lack of time, though hopefully they'll play again soon.