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New Scientist tells you how to make slime (via Slashdot).

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Goths vs. Colorado: First they shoot up high schools, and then they sabotage that all-American institution, baseball:

This thought came to mind after reading Colorado Rockies slugger Todd Helton's unique explanation of why his team has yet to win a game at San Francisco's Pac Bell Park. "The people all wear dark clothing," declaimed the 6-foot-2, 206-pound first bagger and student of urban angst. "It's the Gothic scene. It brings you down. Nobody is happy around here."


Like the new logo? I've been experimenting with a redesign. It will probably evolve a bit more. (In case you're wondering, the font used is one I've put together myself, mostly by mutilating a perfectly good OCR-B.)

An interesting picture of a mouse breathing in a heavier-than-water liquid, while goldfish swim overhead. (via Pigs & Fishes)


Putting paid to an innovation in market democracy, has been shut down. It seems that The Powers That Be don't like anyone other than the incumbents buying votes.

"[Swift] proposes killing the poor and eating them to help solve hunger problems," Baumgartner said. "His method was to create an extreme example of some people's ideas. And that was my intent -- to create an extreme example of the 'election industry' in order to accent what the real issue is. And I don't think I was the first person to come up with the term 'election industry' either."


Odd referring search queries of the day: "webcam homepage girl" (sorry, wrong sex; hope you're not too disappointed), "Twins+AND+Sexual+behaviors+NOT+Porn" (what?)


The street finds its own uses for things: Researchers in Britain have adapted Quake for architectural walk-throughs, doing an ultra-expensive VR workstation's job with a Pentium PC and a 3D accelerator card:

"They were [blasting things] originally but we had to take the guns out - the head of the department didn't like that at all," Mr Richens said.