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After an absence of several weeks, Tanya's back. Watch her get stuck into an old Elton John song.


A London woman got a surprise when she found a live frog in a bag of supermarket salad.

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Is curry a mediæval British invention? Two authors believe so.


No idea what this is about, but the graphics look pretty doovy.


Wish fulfilment: Work is under way in Perth on a film in which a group of private mercenaries abduct Christopher Skase, the fugitive conman who spent the last decade or so feigning illness in a palatial home in Majorca, and take him back to face trial.

"Australians don't have a problem with criminals - look at Chopper and Ned Kelly," he said. "What Australians don't like is bullshit artists who get away with it. This film is all about squaring the ledger."


As the Amiga claws its way out of the grave and prepares to reconquer the world, it brings its own twist to the virtual-machine era: a virtual assembly language. That's right; rather than add a C/Pascal syntax or doing something doovy like Python, the Amiga people stayed true to the hardcore demo-jock traditions of the faithful and made it look like assembly language, only with infinite registers and other enhancements. 'Cause high-level languages are for pussies. Not quite sure whether it'll catch on, but it's interesting.

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