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In one last corner of Afghanistan not controlled by the hard-line Taliban, 15 women are studying medicine. But the Taliban are closing in... (via YAWL)

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Whoa! Kickass case, dude! Check the airbrushed skulls...


Pluralism, Zimbabwe-style: Advertisements for a mobile phone company in Zimbabwe have been banned by the government, because the words they used -- "liberty" and "express yourselves" -- had "political connotations".


An article on Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club, Survivor and Invisible Monsters.

A thick vein of such dark comedy pulses through his writing. His mother now works in a nuclear-powered factory, and he savours her tales of radioactive mice penetrating the confectionery machines. His father is dead - murdered 18 months ago along with a woman he was dating. The trail of the woman's former husband, who had, allegedly, been threatening to kill her for three years, has just been picked up. "My father walked in on the end of a chain of events. He happened to be the unhappy man who had answered her personal ad in a magazine."


Following in the footsteps of Tim Leary, rogue therapists are using psychedelic drugs such as LSD in psychotherapy. Such therapy is conducted in secret, in fear of Inquisition-like persecution.

"This kind of work goes to a much deeper level," she said. "You get a whole lot more than you would in a one-hour session with a therapist.... It reaches different transpersonal levels."
"Out of his or her fear of going to jail, the facilitator asks you to promise not to tell anyone about the most incredible experience of your life,"

I have no doubt that the FBI are close to cracking this case wide open, and arresting the heinous fiends who run these therapy groups.


David Cronenberg (known for outr&eacite; films such as Videodrome, Crash and eXistenZ) is to direct Basic Instinct 2, after blockbuster director Paul Verhoeven walked out in disgust at the "sick" script.