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Looks like BMG has its eyes on EMI; under the proposed deal, EMI would acquire the Big Mean German, in return for a large stake in itself. The Reg says that this could be good for Napster and more liberal online business models; could be moving in this direction, as neither BMG nor EMI are as hard-line as, say, Sony and Universal. (OTOH, we probably can't expect non-proprietary, unencrypted downloadable media of any sort from any of the majors, which means that you'll still need to use Windows to play downloads.)


In the finest tradition of Labor true-believer yarn-spinning, an alternative history of the Australian war of independence, and the subsequent declaration of a republic: (via VM)

11 November 1975 At 1pm, after discovering his govt has been dismissed by Kerr, Whitlam stands on the steps of Parliament & refuses to go. He announces "Well may we say God save the Queen, because nothing will save the Governor-General!" Whitlam & his fellow members returns to the House & Senate.
14 December 1975 Whitlam arrives in Newcastle to a hero's welcome. He proclaims the Federal Republic of Australia. The Newcastle & Wollongong leaders announce their allegiance.
6 January 1976 Kerr & Fraser leave Perth for London. Neither ever return.

Perhaps someone should have a word with Mel Gibson about doing a movie adaptation, with a sufficiently villainous Kerr and craven Fraser?

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