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Retrocomputing meets chindogu: Someone in the UK is designing an updated ZX Spectrum compatible, using only off-the-shelf parts. The SpeccyBOB, as he calls it, will be mostly Spectrum compatible, though will have 4Mb of RAM and an IDE hard disk interface. Watch the web site for circuit diagrams and such.

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An amusing look at Hollywood mating rituals, written in the language of anthropology. (via Found)


Tonight I went to the Punters Club and saw Clann Zú. I must say the show was terrific; they played with great energy and enthusiasm. The music is hard to categorise, alternating between aethereal ambience and walls of noise. Some of their songs were reminiscent of Dead Can Dance, The Paradise Motel and My Bloody Valentine; though the set included a track verging on industrial metal, an a capella traditional Irish ballad, and some live drum & bass. Anyway, Clann Zú playing at the Dan O'Connell this Sunday, and are well worth seeing. They also have a CD out, available from the gig.

The support band (well, the one I saw), PSX, is also pretty good; sort of jazzy chill-out music.


Source code to early C compilers, as found on old Bell Labs PDP/11 tapes by computer archaeologists. (via the Reg)