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The wonders of modern science: A surgeon in the U.S., working on a pain relief operation, unwittingly developed a female orgasm implant. The device will implant in the skin under the patient's buttocks and be triggered by a remote control. Somewhat invasive, but no more than breast implants or cosmetic surgery. Expect it to be a big hit.

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Sociologists are now disputing the "broken windows" theory, which holds that visible signs of neglect or disorder cause crime to increase. Despite this, the theory remains popular.


A heartfelt lament, apparently from the leader of British neo-Nazi group Combat 18, about the declining quality of neo-Nazis, and the types of misfits and losers that fill the ranks of racist groups these days. (via Plastic)

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I just watched the DVD of The Sixth Sense. (I was going to rent Run Lola Run, but the library was out.) An entertaining movie, though perhaps somewhat spoiled if you have heard the punchline. The making-of features, though, are worth the price of the rental, discussing the visual language of the film (the thematic use of the colour red, for example), and the design of the soundtrack (using samples of human breath and multiple voices for effect). (On the down side, the DVD edition did suffer from perceptible MPEG compression artifacts in places.)


Progressive media gadfly Mike Moore (not the head of the WTO) gives the Left a timely kick in the pants for being out of touch with the issues facing Middle America. (via Hobbsblog)

I say, with all due affection and appreciation for all of you and your causes, get over yourselves and start talking like a real person, then start talking to real people. You could begin by hitting 0 every time you get a robot when you call 411. Have a chat with the human operator -- the phone company will eventually have to hire more of them. Or sponsor a bowling team and put the name of your local Labor Party or environmental group on their shirts. Or try bowling yourself. It's where you'll meet Americans.

I imagine this could apply in Australia as well. While the Marxist dreadheads are planning ways to get the crap beaten out of them fighting for a revolution that will never come (does anyone really think that the next S11-like tolchockfest will lead to the collapse of capitalism and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat (or whatever the term is these days) headed by a blue-haired politburo?), the disaffected lower middle classes are flirting with Pauline Hanson. Hers is an ugly, xenophobic, intolerant brand of populism, but it speaks a language people understand. Which is why the Liberals are throwing bones to the xenophobic bugbears of Suburbia, as not to lose their vote to One Nation.


There is now a new French edition of the Codex Seraphinianus, that much sought-after classic which has been commanding second-hand prices typically reserved for old Roland drum machines. It will still cost you EU$217.24 (apparently US$250 or so), and you need to know some French to order it.

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Protecting the children: In a daring last-ditch attempt to turn back the drug menace, Florida's Orange County bans dance clubs. The move is primarily aimed at raves, but also closes down discos, line-dancing clubs and band venues. (via Unknown News)