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Yes, but who was more goth: Jesus or Marilyn Manson?


I just found in my referrer log that someone came to this site by searching for "i deleted my /dev/null what can i do". Well, you can always try something like:

ln -fs /dev/dsp /dev/null

This is assuming that you're using Linux. It may make a bit of noise, but other than that it should work fine. Glad to be of help.


A MSNBC piece on weblogs. Interestingly enough, it quotes Dave Winer as saying that if everyone had a weblog, society would gain more consciousness and we'd enter a new golden age. It doesn't seem likely to me; most people follow the path of least resistance and any more consciousness and thought than is required to work, shop and watch Seinfeld reruns is strictly for the thinking-fetishists (you know, the geeky sorts who read books and talk about ideas and such). It's not that most people are stupid or unconscious, but that thinking requires effort and, unless you're into that kind of thing, you'd want to keep it to a minimum. Thus if Dave Winer gave every man, woman and child on this planet a weblog, most of them would end up unmaintained, or containing only postings as incisive and thoughtful as "last night's Friends episode was cool".

Or maybe I'm just a cynic.