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Lazy Slasher Leaves Trail Of Victims From Couch To Fridge. (new Onion)

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Recreational psychoceramics: For those in Melbourne, Lev is giving a talk at some place called the Unitarian Church Hall tonight. Given the tone of his blog, it should be of interest to anyone into over-the-top ranting. I have heard that the subject will be "personal responsibility on public transport", or something of that nature.


The street finds its own uses for things: A Russian inventor has patented the talking vodka bottle. A chip in the cap toasts the drinker when it's opened, encouraging them to drink up, even if they're alone.

Zhurin's invention might seem gimmicky to foreign eyes, but it fulfills a number of functions crucial to Russian drinking habits. First, it allows you to drink alone. "When you have no one to drink with, it will serve as your drinking companion," says Zhurin. Critics might call it an enabler: the bottle cap asks "How about another one?," then gives the order to pour without waiting for an answer.

The bottle also simulates the presence of friends, among them beautiful women, and recites toasts to the drinker's family. (via Rebecca's Pocket)


Between pissing off the MPAA, the DVD consortium and the Church of Scientology, researcher and cyber-liberties activist David Touretzky seems to be set on making enemies of everyone in Hollywood. Good luck to him, I say; the world needs people like him.


First there was the Hello Kitty Note PC, then the Hello Kitty vibrator with built-in voice chip (rumoured to say "I'm coming, I'm coming!" in Japanese when operated), and now this.