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Just in case you thought that "Jedi" wasn't a genuine religion, here's proof that it is: the official homepage of the Australian Jedi religious body. Not only that, but they have a lawyer to keep the Electoral Commission at bay (or so they say), and a council they're having elections for:

Current Nominee's
Master edeity (self nominated)
Brother Truongy (self nominated)
Master Vader (nominated by edeity)
Sister Zseena (self nominated, and might I add, very dubious)
Brother Insane (self nominated)
Brother Huru The Hut (nominated by Bree)
Sister 99 (Self Nominated, she tells me she is a "Hot Babe")

Hot babes are most welcome, but anyone can join; you just have to apprentice yourself to a Jedi Master, who will instruct you in Jedi philosophy. (You can find several Jedi Masters on the web site.) Or you can join, say that you're a Master and instruct joiners with lower self-esteem in Jedi philosophy. Don't know any Jedi philosophy? Just make it up as you go along (think kickflick cod-Buddhism). Who knows, you might even get laid. (Even if not, you will get a free email address out of it, so it's not a dead loss.)

You'll need a Jedi name; it's sort of like a goth name or a BBS screen name. They already have dozens of members, with names like Insane, Ronin, Necronius and Xenomorph, as well as the usual borrowings from George Lucas. Just make up something like "Lord Darknezz the Awesome".

If you feel like basing your spiritual beliefs on a Hollywood blockbuster, you could probably do worse than this. (via Lev)


The best-laid plans of mice and men: Tayside Police in the UK who handed out leaflets promoting an anti-drug web site to schoolchildren were left with egg on their face when they discovered that the site was a porn site. The privately-run had gone out of business, and the domain name was snapped up by a Russian porn operator.

And, speaking of people having egg on their face in Britain: Splat the MP. (links via the Reg)