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Cool! They're working on a sequel to Cube (the minimalist Canadian sci-fi thriller). The working title of the new film is Hypercube.


100,000 lemmings can't be wrong (an ongoing series): It is claimed that women in the UK are choosing to give birth by caesarean section because all the stars are doing it, thus putting themselves in danger and diverting scarce resources from more needy patients. (Btw, what kind of person has Patsy Kensit as a role model anyway?)


I'm not making this up: The Bush administration has sent a $43m gift to the Taliban, to reward them for their hard line against drugs. (Or is it because of their inspiring commitment to faith-based governance.)

"The Taliban used a system of consensus-building," Callahan said after a visit with the Taliban, adding that the Taliban justified the ban on drugs "in very religious terms."

A model government indeed. And they keep those darn atheists, feminists and humanists in their place too. (via Plastic)

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Australia's One Nation party is probably the political equivalent of Sylvania Waters. In the latest twist in this torrid saga, Pauline Hanson has thrown a hissy fit and threatened to leave the party if new member Graeme Campbell is preselected as a One Nation candidate. Campbell is head of the now deregistered Australia First Party, connected with shadowy extreme-right groups.