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I've been listening to the Field Mice retrospective a lot recently; it has grown on me. I think I might have a new addition to my list of favourite long-defunct bands, joining the likes of Slowdive and The Paradise Motel.

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There's now a web browser for the Commodore 64. And it has a GUI interface and supports HTML 1.0, WML, images and forms. It needs a special Perl-based proxy on a UNIX host, though, as it doesn't actually have a TCP/IP stack built in.


To give their new movies a boost, some marketroid at Sony Pictures made up an imaginary film critic. "David Manning", whose reviews lavished praise on Sony's upcoming films and were quoted in press releases, doesn't actually exist, and never has. Mind you, they probably didn't need to go that far, as there are enough whorish critics willing to laud turkeys in small papers in return for getting the red-carpet treatment.


Metablogging: It emerges that Meg's the same age as me. Odd, that; I also thought she'd be older (28-29 or so was my estimate).

Speaking of Meg, I had an odd thought about her recently. Out of nowhere, I imagined Working Title or someone buying the film rights to her blog, to film it as a London-themed light romantic comedy. And I wondered whether they'd get some American actress to play Meg.


Reports have emerged that the bodies of stillborn babies were secretly exported from parts of the British Commonwealth, including Australia, to the US for use in nuclear radiation testing. The parents, of course, were kept in the dark about their patriotic contribution.


Bleah. Housemates have come home and are watching some Top-40-pop video on TV, loudly. Which means (a) I can't use the kitchen to make myself some chai, as I was planning, unless i want to make smalltalk with whatever superficial person is visiting this time, (b) and even if I do (and I could just be antisocial and don a Walkperson), the living room will be lit up brightly like a Happy Shopping Ground, which does not contribute to enjoyment of a cup of chai, something no amount of Slowdive or Lisa Gerrard on headphones can ameliorate.

Also, normally I would put on a CD to block the noise out, but right now I am working on (mixing) some music in Cubase, and when it stops, I can hear the teeny-pop onslaught.

Which reminds me: I should make some time to go looking for a flat.