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Alex Chiu responds to questions about his Eternal Life Rings and other things.

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Former standover man and hired killer turned best-selling true-crime author Chopper Read has turned his attention to writing children's books. Chopper's first foray into the genre will be titled Hookey the Cripple, about a bullied young hunchback in 16th-century Italy. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out.


And now, for something completely different: The British Department of Trade and Industry has just released the latest injury statistics. Tea-cozy injuries have gone up by 185%, from 20 last year to 37, and birdbath-related accidents have more than doubled, but placemat injuries have had a modest increase, from 157 to 165, and armchair-related injuries have fallen by more than 2,000. (via Lev)


The US Secret Service has ordered a firm which makes fake money for films to hand over its product for destruction, after some film money blew off the set of the latest Jackie Chan movie and members of the public spent it. By US law, fake banknotes have to be 25% smaller or 50% larger than real ones; however, this is not good enough for today's discerning filmgoers.