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Decrying the corrupting evils of Harry Potter is not just for Christian Fundamentalists anymore: and to whit, a radical-leftist denunciation of Harry Potter, in the finest neo-Marxist style.


And justice for all: Riot cops bash unarmed protestors at S11 and get a state-funded barbecue; a leftist protestor cream-pies the Premier and gets a one-month jail sentence.


Tonight I went to see Down Town Brown at the Evelyn Hotel. If you don't know who Down Town Brown are, think something not unlike a combination of Devo, Kraftwerk and the Doug Anthony Allstars; they wear sci-fi-looking bodysuits, play funky, tongue-in-cheek electro-pop and put on amazing shows.

And tonight was a truly awesome show. It started after midnight, with one of the members of the band getting on stage attired in a lab coat and oversized glasses, playing some chords on a synth and pointing into the crowd, where another member was dancing around in an anime robot costume, complete with spotlights. As everybody watched the robot, the scientist climbed onto the ceiling, and a third member, dressed in an alien mask, danced onto the stage. And that was just the intro; through the rest of the show, they played their brand of electro-funk, danced about, lipsynced movie samples, and indulged in acts of acrobatics, martial arts and bootywhang. And then was the encore, with The Contender coming back on stage bare-chested and wearing a heavy-metal wig and playing guitar solos on a strap-on keyboard in a cover of what I think was an AC/DC song. It was mind-blowing.

Anyway, DTB are playing on the 22nd of June at Revolver. Don't miss it.