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Yay! Field Mice guitar tabs. And one more here. Not particularly detailed ones, though, and not for every song I'd have liked, but still..

Speaking of the Field Mice, it's a small world; I just found that the only Field Mice website is run by someone at Monash, whom I'm probably two or so degrees of separation from, and quite possibly passed in corridors in years gone by.

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A state report clears the police of any wrongdoing during the S11 riots, in which a bunch of reds and ferals got done over, baby-seal style. The report says that individual rogue police may possibly have been culpable of bashing protesters, but conveniently enough, they cannot be identified or punished as they remembered to remove ID badges beforehand. Up here for thinking, mate! Meanwhile, subversive groups such as the Uniting Church and the Media Arts and Entertainment Alliance have reacted with alarm to the report, saying that it is a "blank cheque for police violence".


An interesting interview with Jim Gettys, architect of the X Window System, where he puts paid to the myth of X bloat.

Most of the perception of bloat is caused by how Linux reports memory. An X server maps the display card into its address space, and on current graphics cards this can easily be 8, 16, 32 or even 64 megabytes of address space (for the frame buffer and registers of the display). Naive people look at "ps" or "top" and draw the wrong conclusion.

(via Slashdot)

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Chuck Palahniuk has a new book out, Choke; and there's an interesting interview with him here.