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I just bought a cheap digital camera (an IXLA DualCam 640). It's pretty small, and whilst it only does 640x480, it can connect to a computer or display images on a composite video display (that's a TV or VCR). In short, it's ideal for keeping in a pocket and using for blogging/capturing miscellaneous visuals.

Now I just need to figure out how to connect it to one of my computers, which will involve one of (a) finding or writing Linux software for interrogating it, (b) managing to get the InstallShield thingy for the Wintendo software supplied with it to work on my VMware setup, or (c) upgrading the Mac I use for music to OS 9.0 and plugging it into its USB card. (Ideally I'd want to use the first option; why load a multi-megabyte all-singing-all-dancing GUI application with pretty icons when you can just use a command-line tool to snarf the images out of the camera?)


The latest Signum has an article on Placebo. which isn't too bad. I have been listening to Black Market Music a bit, and as far as simple straightforward rock goes, it's not too bad (though the lyrics seem a bit vague in places).


A good explanation of misconceptions about haiku, and specifically, why joke "haiku" are evil and must be destroyed. Join the crusade.

(Though I'm not sure about the author's assertion that "limericks have no proud tradition to debase". Wasn't the limerick form coined by Thomas Aquinas?)