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Intriguing rumour of the day: I heard today that underground comic artist/writer Jhonen Vasquez (who created Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) is currently working on an animation project, sponsored by Disney or someone. Sounds interesting, or possibly very odd.


Does foul-mouthed shock rapper Eminem suffer from Tourette's Syndrome?

"I'm a really nice person and my so called attacks of rage are a symptom of so-called Tourette's Syndrome... When I record it suddenly takes over. I want to say 'bird' or 'bee' but suddenly I hear words like 'fuck' or 'shit' or 'I'll strangle your mother' coming out."

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The global marketplace: Many of the telemarketing calls made to American consumers are actually made from India, where wages are lower. An entire US telemarketing industry has arisen in India, with workers being meticulously coached in appearing American, given generic middle-American names like "Betty Coulter" and encouraged by their employers to become addicted to Friends and Ally McBeal. (Wonder if the anti-globalisation people will pick up on the last bit as a crime against humanity.)