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Yesterday I was at PolyEster Records where I picked up a copy of a photocopied zine named Sadness Is In The Sky. Interesting; it's all about music of an experimental/post-rock/soundscapey/shoegazey vein. Not the easiest on the lines, with about three times as many fonts on each page as there should be, and a distinct paucity of white space. The visible JPEG artifacts in some of the photos add a charmingly early-noughties-low-budget-zine feel to it.

Oh, and it came with a CD, which has some nice music on it. Haven't heard all of it, though some of it is pretty doovy; I should probably look out for Console and The For Carnation when next in the record shops.

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A man in Blackpool has a rare form of synaesthesia which causes him to taste words.

"When I recited the Lord's Prayer at school it used to bring all kinds of flavours into my mouth. For instance, the word 'trespass' tastes of bacon. I've chosen and dumped girlfriends because of how their names tasted. The name Tracy tastes of flaky pastry. But the name of my current girlfriend, Jannette, is neutral and doesn't taste of anything."

Mind you the bit about few doctors having heard of synaesthesia strikes me as a bit dubious.