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There's an interview with Gene Ray, Cubic, who is, of course, the discoverer of the cosmic truth of Time Cube. It turns out that he is writing a book on his travails, which will be a sequel to Orwell's 1984, only with academe as the evil Ministry of Word suppressing the truth of Time Cube.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Academia teaches like a 1-corner creation and life principle, whereas the TimeCube principle has a 4x4 rotation life principle. Until academia acknowledges the 4x4 rotation Cubic principle, they will teach only stupidity.
The human form has a front, back and 2 sides in between a top of the head and bottom of the feet - Cube like.

And more equally psychoceramic delights. Additionally, if you feel that the truth of the Time Cube should no longer be suppressed in academe, you can sign this petition. (via Portal of Evil News)


The industry news section in the latest issue of local street press newspaper Beat has a fragment on how the WTC attack will change music. Apparently releases hard rock albums are being delayed by 6 months (probably only in the US; the latest Gerling album is out here with the original title and all), and hip-hop's trend to drop gangsta posturing has been accelerated (a good thing, IMHO; boneheaded alpha-male posturing is a huge liability for the hip-hop genre, as far as being taken seriously goes). Furthermore, the piece says that it says that cynicism and self-absorption are out (sounds like the death-of-irony meme again), and "songs about family values" are in. Does this mean that we will soon see bands like Radiohead and Placebo disappear without a trace and Christian music acts take over the charts?


Australian copyright pranksters copyright 10,000,000 phone numbers, by converting them to their dialing tones and copyrighting the melodies thus produced. Now, for a small fee, you can purchase the rights for your number from the pair and sue telemarketroids for copyright violation.


Graffito seen stencilled on a wall in North Fitzroy:

mutant Dobbshead with 'DON'T BE A JOCK' motif

alfred e. neuman j. r. "bob" dobbs north fitzroy photos stencil art 0