The Null Device


I had an unusual dream last night: I was in a video arcade or some establishment with video-game machines. There was a Galaga machine there, only the screen kept showing an error message, something about not being able to read ~. The proprietor of the shop said it was broken, but I suggested that he pull the hard disk out, plug it into a PC running Linux, mount it and fix the filesystem there. (Later I realised that that would have involved finding a PC with an old hard disk controller...)


I recently rented the DVD of The Matrix (which I did see before, when it was in the cinemas some years ago). Anyway, this disc has some interesting features. One part I found particularly interesting was the additional soundtrack consisting only of the musical score and commentary by the composer, saying how he made various decisions when scoring the film.

(Another nice touch I hadn't noticed before was that, at the start, Neo keeps his illicit drugs/war3z/minidiscs in a hollowed-out copy of Jean Baudrillard's Simulation and Simulacra.)