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Election-related sites: The ABC is running an election weblog, linking to election-related articles everywhere, for all you political trainspotters out there. Speaking of trains, a group called Public Transport First want to get the politicians to support public transport, rather than just building more freeways.

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For those of you who were thinking of going to the Nude Picnic to protest against Victoria's nudity laws, but decided not to for fear of being fined, you needn't have worried; none of the three blokes who went were arrested by any of the police passing the event. (Not only that, but one of the attendees -- i.e., 33% of the turnout -- cheated and wore underwear.)


Interesting site of the day:, an audio search engine which lets you find sound files by what they sound like. And you can even provide your own sounds and find others which sound like them (though it requires a proprietary client, available for Windows and MacOS). (via 1.0)


Did the Taliban kidnap Britney Spears and replace her with a double? "Who cares," you say? this guy does, and he presents a "case" for this bizarre hypothesis.

Basically I acted like a FBI agent. I looked for evidence and I took leads. I then reported anything and everything I found and suspected to the secret service or the FBI... I've been working very closely with the president since I was working with the secret service. They say that I will probably win a award of honor. I'm considered a honorary contributor to the secret service.

(I wonder whether "honorary contributor" is a title the FBI/Secret Service give to crank correspondents in order to placate them and keep them from going out and taking things into their own hands.)

Oh, and don't forget to check out his theory about why sex is enjoyable. It appears that it's all about temperature changes. (Masters and Johnson didn't know the half of it...)
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It looks like there's somebody out there for everyone, even if that someone is a fiftysomething Peter Pan fetishist. That's right; Randy Constan, the guy who ponces around Florida in full Peter Pan costume and has a truly scary bowl haircut has found his True Tinkerbell Spirit. All together now... awww. (via Plastic)