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Alternative points of view: Outspoken misanthrope Jim "Answer Me" Goad on the Taliban, and in particular their policy towards gender relations.


Also via the Slowdive cover project site: experimental producer Locust has a new album in the wings, in a new experimental format:

The intention with the twin CD format is that both CD's are played simultaneously; working on the assumption that most people have 2 CD players (1 main hi-fi 1 portable) the listener would put CD1 (the Songs) in the main CD player, and CD2 (A collection of drones) in the other CD player. The sound from the second CD augments the main sound from the first, filling the room with sound. It is up to the listener to decide the relative levels, or if the two players are even in the same room. It is very important to start both players at the same time, though.


Just noticed that I've been linked to from the Slowdive tribute compilation page, as one of the possible participants (I'm "Voidhand", in this case). So if you came here expecting to see a shoegazer band's website, that is the likely explanation.

Some of the other bands there look promising; I was worried that there may be a surfeit of ethereal-goth bands with caterwauling vocals and an excess of black lace in promotional photos, but there doesn't seem to be. Then again, it's not a Cleopatra tribute compilation, and that's probably a good thing. (Can you imagine Leaetherstrip doing a Slowdive cover?) And Dandelion Wine's contribution is bound to be interesting.

Btw, the cover of Crazy For You is progressing well; it's getting to the stage where the final form is taking shape. (Just have to put in enough layers, throw away what doesn't work, and process the other bits until it sounds interesting.) It's going to be sort of vaguely IDM/glitchy drum & bass in style, and that's all I'll say at this stage.

(Rumours that Gurnin Spacecase will make an appearance on this project with a Hi-NRG/happy hardcore cover of Souvlaki Space Station titled "(I should be) Souvlaki" are entirely without foundation.)


Amusing: IDM/electronica seen as an IRC channel log. (via Graham)

<daprodigy> Richard your music is pretty good... I'm glad you're going to release more
<daprodigy> but you need more dancers in a big way.
<daprodigy> and a guy to yell shit like "come on" and "get up" and "yeah!"
<rdj> is that a fact?

<bJORK> Liam you are cute and nice, would you like to make moosic with me and perhaps cuddle aftar?
<daprodigy> ...Bosslady would eat me for lunch if I worked with you after I turned her down, sorry
* bJORK pouts