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I just heard an interesting cover of The Smiths' Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me on 3RRR. (Male vocals, double bass, strings, and fittingly moody and downtempo.) It turned out to be by Low. Hmmm; I may have to get it.

The Set Fire To Flames track they played afterwards wasn't too bad either (they're a Godspeed You Black Emperor side-project or somesuch).


Was Osama Bin Laden inspired by Isaac Asimov? Scifi author China Miéville says he may well have been:

`My supervisor, an expert in the Middle East, told me about a rumour circulating about the name of Bin Laden's network. The term "Al-Qaeda" seems to have no political precedent in Arabic, and has therefore been something of a conundrum to the experts, until someone pointed out that a very popular book in the Arab world, Arabs apparently being big readers of translated sf, is Asimov's Foundation, the title of which is translated as "Al-Qaeda". Unlikely as it sounds, this is the only theory anyone can come up with.'


And while I'm stealing links from Slashdot, the CrossOver plug-in for Linux is out now. This is a plug-in allowing you to use Windows web browser plug-ins (QuickTime, Shockwave, &c) in Linux browsers (i.e., Mozilla, Konqueror and so on). There's a downloadable demo version too. (Currently, if I need to look at Shockwave content, I use IE under Win98 under VMWare, though this looks interesting.)

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An inventory of CGI-script attack techniques commonly used by crackers and worms. If you write CGI scripts, go read. (via Slashdot)

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