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Is the multiplayer computer game party scene a seedy underworld of drug use and wild sex? (via Plastic)

The venerable Atari 2600 console is still popular for many reasons, not the least of which are pot and LSD. The blocky graphics have a hypnotic lava lamp quality you won't find on a sophisticated modern machine. "I was tripping really hard and I was able to consistently score over 10,000," one player said about a trip with Kaboom, a classic Atari game. "The green background kept shifting color, the bombs left trails, and everything outside my field of vision was melting ... It kept me occupied from midnight to 5 a.m."


Obituary: Conspiracy theorist and well-known lunatic-fringe media figure William Cooper was shot dead by police. Cooper, a fixture of the US militia underground, is perhaps best known for popularising the greys/MJ-12/alien-contactee world-government conspiracy mythos, and was an influence on the likes of X Files creator Chris Carter and Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. (via Leviathan)


Amusing: Bushwhacked (293K MP3), from those (strange people/tersymps) at Warp. (via Peter)


The Onion has this particularly incisive piece of social commentary: If I Don't Get My Medium-Rare Shell Steak With Roasted Vegetables In The Next 10 Minutes, The Terrorists Have Already Won

Do you want the blood of our forefathers to have been spilled for nothing? Well, if you can't bring us the entrees we need to rebuild our strength as a nation in the next five minutes, you might as well move to Afghanistan and join in one of their American-flag-burning rallies. Because that's what you're really doing.

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In from the cold: Joseph Stiglitz, recent winner of the Nobel Prize for economics*, used to be an economist at the World Bank. Now he has had a change of heart, and describes the IMF and World Bank as ideological absolutists with blood on their hands. And here is a piece he wrote for The New Republic about why the IMF is wrong.

* which apparently has nothing to do with Alfred Nobel's foundation, but was set up by some bank or other to reward exponents of Neo-Liberalist economics with a "Nobel prize", or something like that.


Tonight (well, last night), I went to the Black Cat Cabaret to see the New Buffalo performance. This time there was no backing band, just Sally with two keyboards, a drum machine (a Roland CR-68, for the trainspotters out there) and a guitar. She performed a number of songs, singing and playing keyboards quite deftly. It was arguably better than the Revolver show on Monday; the more minimal instrumentation worked better with the vocals, and also the smaller space (a café with a stage, rather than a cavernous nightclub-type venue) was probably more suited to the show.

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Now this is ingenious: someone has devised a patch to the Linux kernel which allows you to essentially split a Linux box into several virtual servers, each with its own root user, process space, IP address space and such, all securely quarantined from each other. The applications include virtual servers (i.e., you can give people root on their own virtual servers on a machine without trusting them with the entire machine), virtual firewalls, testing/teaching environments and many more that people will undoubtedly come up with. (via Slashdot)

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