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Another piece on the rise of the Greens' fortunes, this time in the Guardian (all the way over in Britain). According the them, the Forces of Darkness were pushing to get Bob Brown out of the Senate at this election too.

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I'm not making this up: Watergate felon turned Fundamentalist Christian preacher Chuck Colson claims Windows XP as proof of Creationism.

"The recent release of Windows XP illustrates the concept of intelligent design. If Windows XP points to Bill Gates, how much more do the marvelous complexities of DNA point directly to God, the great Intelligent Designer?"


Last night, I watched Luc Besson's Nikita, which was playing on SBS. It was quite entertaining. (For those not in the know, it's about a convicted junky made over into an assassin as part of an experimental rehabilitation programme, and there was a supposedly dire Hollywood remake a few years ago.) I found it rather amusing that Jean-Hugues Anglade was playing pretty much the same character he played in Betty Blue.

(Of course, Nikita is not available on DVD in Australia, whilst Betty Blue is; presumably because the DVD companies assume that the only reason why enough Australians to justify the expense would sit through a French film (with subtitles and all) is to watch sex whilst appearing intellectual for doing so, and there isn't all that much sex in Nikita.)


An amusing and topical Tom the Dancing Bug comic, touching on the situation in the Middle East. (via Robot Wisdom)


In a recently published interview for a Pakistani newspaper, arch evildoer Osama Bin Laden apparently admitted to the World Trade Centre attack and threatened to use nuclear weapons against the US and its allies; however, BBC Monitoring reports that these admissions do not appear in the Urdu version of the interview, but only the English version. Now this could mean that they were planted by a CIA operative to help sway public opinion as to Bin Laden's evil, or alternatively that they were omitted from the Urdu edition, possibly as not being relevant to the audience, depending on how paranoid you are fnord. (via Leviathan)