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More proof that online romances are evil. (via TechDirt)


I just finished reading Craig Matheson's The Sell-In, a book about the mainstreaming of alternative music in Australia during the 1990s (which was recommended to me by a number of people, one of them being Graham). It's quite interesting, not to mention sobering.

(It was also funny seeing someone I spoke with (briefly) on ICQ a few years back mentioned as one of the players. Though not really surprising.)

Anyway, if you want a copy, PolyEster should have it, or be able to get it.


A court has shut down ex-P2P file-sharing service KaZaA. Hands up everyone who was expecting this to happen.


Obituary: Musician and film producer George Harrison has died, after a battle with cancer. He was involved in the production of Monty Python's Life of Brian, among other films, and was a member of the Travelling Wilburys, and before that, was in another band who were quite popular in the 1960s.

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So I downloaded the separate tracks of Curve's Unreadable Communication, and started playing around with doing a remix. At some stage I managed to find a copy of the album, too, which is helpful. First I started playing with the files (just dragging them to tracks in Cubase, adding plugins and such), and at one stage did the old cliché of speeding up the drum loop for a jungle effect.

But then Gurnin Spacecase came out to play (I must have neglected to take my medication again or somesuch), and he has a most singular approach to remixing. (See the hidden track on the FourPlay remix compilation for more information.) So now I've got part of a remix which starts like Regurgitator doing girl-group R&B and mutates into something like a lost Bjórk/NIN collaboration. ("Trent you are cute and nice, would you like to make moosic together and maybe cuddle aftar?")

Not sure if I'll send that to Curve, or even finish it.