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Speculation on whether a video tape found in Afghanistan, showing what looks like Osama Bin Laden confessing his part in the WTC attack, is authentic or a fake (as some in the Islamic world suspect).

Mr Broughton said that while it would be relatively easy to fake a Bin Laden video, to fool the top experts was much more difficult. "There are perhaps 20 people in America who would be good enough to fool everybody. To find someone that good and make sure they kept quiet would probably be pretty difficult."

(Compare and contrast with this Tech. Review article on how video footage can be digitally faked.)


The US Government has dropped charges against Dmitry Sklyarov, the "DMCA Martyr" arrested for writing a code-breaking program in Russia that is illegal in the US, in return for his testimony for the prosecution of his employer. So Sklyarov gets to go home, and (with any luck), the case may still end with the DMCA being struck down.


A man has committed suicide by detonating explosives strapped to his body near Lara railway station (on the Melbourne-Geelong railway line).

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