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Not only can computers beat humans at chess, but now they can compose funnier jokes than human comedians. The Singularity can't be too far off.


Recently, a 15-year-old boy, dying of cancer, asked for his last wish: to have sex with a woman, once, before he died.

"But ethics and morals aside, in children dying over a long period of time, there is often a condition we call 'skin hunger'." This happens when a child, seriously ill and in and out of hospital and receiving medical treatment over a long period, yearns for non-clinical contact because "mostly when people touch them, it's to do something unpleasant, something that might hurt".
"Absolutely. It is absolutely part of therapy," said the psychologist, "Because it was what he wanted. People talk about a trip to Disneyland being therapeutic what's the difference? It was what he wanted."

The boy's wish was granted, and a week later, he lost his battle with cancer.

No word on whether the government will launch an investigation or bring charges against the parties involved, though I wouldn't put it past them.


Update: Some months ago, a disabled woman sued the organisers of a "swingers'" party for discrimination because nobody would have sex with her. The organisers countered that she was asked to leave because of her "aggressive and unpleasant" behaviour (and someone mentioned poor personal hygiene as well). Now the plaintiff has lost the case; however, the judge ruled that a ruling of discrimination could not be upheld as the venue was an illegal brothel:

He said the activities would affront the public conscience and "even in the modern age would be regarded as against good morals" and therefore discrimination laws should not apply.

Now, granted, the image of flabby, rich, baby-boomer types running around naked and engaging in spontaneous group sex is rather disturbing to contemplate, but to say that activities between consenting adults in private "affront the public conscience" seems rather puritanical.