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Python 2.2 now has iterators and generators, like some of the more outré functional languages (not to mention Ruby and SuperCollider). Here is a good tutorial.

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I just got in the mail the Beggars Banquet Winter Sampler 2001-2002 CD. It has an interesting selection of tracks from forthcoming releases from artists on Beggars-affiliated labels. This CD includes tracks from the likes of Badly Drawn Boy, Tindersticks, Hefner, Tanya Donnelly and Neil Halstead; not to mention the USA 12" of M/A/R/R/S' Pump Up The Volume.

Beggars Banquet is probably one of the more interesting large indie label groups, counting among its components the likes of 4AD, XL, Mantra and Sulfur/Sulphur. One can always count on them to release something worth listening to.

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This CD sounds like it might be interesting.