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There was an interesting interview with Bernard Sumner on 3RRR this evening (on Bec Hornsby's programme). He talked about the early days of experimenting with an electronic sound, mentioning how New Order were inspired by the sound (though not the lyrics) of the old Giorgio Moroder records and how he was experimenting with building his own synths; about how the most recent album was written and recorded (apparently Crystal was originally programmed on a computer as a house/dance number); and about the upcoming film 24 Hour Party People, about Factory Records, which apparently is due out in the UK in April. He also mentioned that there is a film in the works about Ian Curtis, based on his widow's book Touching From A Distance, and that the band have more to do with this film.


Make your own joke here: George W. Bush nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That's almost as funny (in a not particularly funny way) as the thing about him being "pro-life".


Culture jamming: A group of the militant unemployed calling themselves the Dole Army have hoaxed Australian tabloid TV current-affairs shows into running a story about the unemployed living in drains, emerging only at night to scavenge for food. The Murdoch papers and radio talk show hosts are undoubtedly outraged. The Cave Clan could not be reached for comment.

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The Chaser has more articles online. Of particular note: "Harry Potter fans warn against dangerous effects of Bible", "CAMP X-RAY 'INHUMANE': Ruddock asks for brochure".. and don't tell me that Ratcat have reformed. (If so, wonder what they would sound like; would they just playing their 1990-vintage skater-pop hits on the nostalgia circuit for all the mortgaged new parents who used to be into them when they were kids, or have they jumped on the mook/rap-metal/big-yellow-shorts bandwagon and tried to reach out to a new crop of suburban teens?)

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