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A few years ago, 15-year-old Norwegian Jon Johansen wrote code for decrypting DVDs, allowing them to be played under Linux. Now he is being prosecuted under computer-crimes laws under pressure from Hollywood. If convicted, he faces 2 years in prison, and a draconian legal precedent will be established in Norway, restricting what individuals may do with their own property much as the DMCA does. Here you can donate to the Jon Johansen Legal Defense Fund and give Hollywood a much-needed black eye. (via the EFF)


Sony sues to ban PlayStation mod chips in Australia (as they have done successfully in the UK), Allan Fels and the ACCC stand up to them, in the interests of consumer choice (specifically, the right to play imported titles). Bravo, ACCC.

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Canada's Globe and Mail held an unofficial poll to select the nation's first poet laureate. And melancholist songwriter Leonard Cohen won by a landslide, getting 59%. His nearest rival was Margaret Atwood, with 19%. Unfortunately, as he lives in Los Angeles, he is probably ineligible for the post. (via bOING bOING)

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Creepy link of the day: The White Supremacist guide to dating, or how to be the psychopath women can't resist and win over the Eva Braun of your dreams (attributed to one "Elizabeth Bennett", who I think is named after a Jane Austen character; go figure):

Many people have pondered and scratched their heads, wondering what the connection is between sex and violence. The answer is, sex IS violence and women want to have sex with a violent man... The fact is, women experience sex as a delicious form of violence. What is more violent than losing control of your body for nine months, swelling up like a tick? I know it's hard for you to understand (because you aren't a faggot who wants to be dominated) but if you don't understand how women feel about sex -- the mixture of pleasure and pain, fear and excitement, melting in a haze of pleasure and degradation -- then you can't be a good lover.

(You know, parts of this read like a neo-Nazi version of Ayn Rand, or perhaps Houseplants of Gor...) (via NtK, bOING bOING)

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