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It has emerged that aid workers have been sexually exploiting children in West Africa, demanding sexual services in return for food and other aid. Over 40 aid agencies - including the UNHCR itself - were implicated, and 67 individuals - mostly local staff - named by the children.


Newsletter of the day: The Shocking Truth, the official organ of British Conservative Catholics(tm), devoted to fighting the Atheist Movement, and exposing dire conspiracies, such as "Evil Jewish academics attempt to rubbish Jesus' carpentry skills" and the truth about Nick Cave's world-domination plot (hint: it involves armies of spiders), as well as useful advice on arranging your son's castration and "why science is wrong". File alongside Landover Baptist. (via Reenhead)


Buddy Weiserman vs. Prince Jubril Turey of Sierra Leone; or the story of how an anonymous prankster took a Nigerian 419 scammer for a ride (persuading him to catch a bus across Africa and chicken-dance in Ghana in the hope of snaring his mark). (via bOING bOING)

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The Human Virus Scanner will tell you which memes you're infected by, using a simple icon-based diagnostic technique. And then there's what happens when you combine memes. (via VM, Lukelog)