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Beyond the iPod: it turns out that if you want to shoplift software from in-store demo computers, there are many ways to go about it; from asking a bored, underpaid staffer to demo a CD burner for you to surreptitiously copying it to your digital camera, to simply FTPing it to your home machine. Of course, if you use a platform with widely available free software, there's no need to do this sort of thing. (via Techdirt)


Sows dig jerks, it seems. Scientists in Australia and England have found that female pigs are most aroused by the nastiest boar in the pen, preferring aggressive, noisy, vicious and otherwise boorish male pigs to their more docile counterparts. The scientists have suggested parallels to human nature, where some women appear to be irresistibly drawn to "bad men".

"I suppose it's not that different from what you might see going on between men and woman housed in a hostel at a university. It's the same sort of thing," observed Mr. Thornton, who is from Bristol, England.

Perhaps it's a universal truth that, whatever one's species, those who make pigs of themselves are likely to to have good reasons to get away with it? (Or at least, would have had such reasons in the ancestral environment.)

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Currently listening to a borrowed copy of the self-titled album by a US post-rockish band named The For Carnation. They're quite good; a bit like Low meets Piano Magic, or something. I think I'll have to find a copy somewhere.