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A nifty list of culture-bound syndromes, from exotic ones like Koro and ghost sickness to Western syndromes such as anorexia (both secular and religious). (via bOING bOING)

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I went to see Stereolab at the Corner tonight; it was pretty good. First up were local outfit Midstate Orange, another one of Tim from Lacto-Ovo's projects, only with perhaps more of a Mod/power-pop feel. Then Brisbane live dance-groove outfit Full Fathom Five played; they were OK, if a bit on the generic-dance-music side of things. If you're at a club with a head full of E, you may appreciate them more, but they didn't seem particularly inspiring to me. Ninetynine were up next; they had been dealt an unfairly short timeslot (only 30 minutes), but they rocked, playing about 10 songs off (mostly off their last album and new ones), and playing with terrific energy (as always). Unfortunately, there's no news of them playing again for some time.

Then Stereolab came on and played for one and a half hours, including two encores. On stage, they had the usual guitar/bass/drums, various keyboards (I could make out some red Nord keyboards -- perhaps the classic-retro-keys one -- and a Korg modular synth), and a trombone which Laetitia played. They played a lot of songs off Sound-Dust, as well as some older songs, and finished with a long, psychedelic instrumental, all the more enhanced by the coloured fluids projected on the wall behind them.

Graham was also there (in a brand-new Stereolab tour T-shirt, no less) and will undoubtedly post his take on things once he gets back online.