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Gearlust: I was in Manny's today and had a play around with the Clavia Nord Electro. This is a virtual synth which simulates the sounds of various vintage keyboards (Rhodes/Wurlitzer pianos, clavinets, organs, &c), with various effects, and has some very groovy (and in places quite quirky) sounds. I want one.


Morrissey/Smiths Ringtones, for the status-conscious miserablist who's got everything now. And they're free; just key them into your Nokia from the webpage. (via Lukelog)


There are some red faces in Beijing, after the most popular newspaper there, the Beijing Evening News, reprinted an article from The Onion, stating that it was true. The article in question had U.S. Congress threatening to relocate to Memphis or Charlotte unless Washington built them a new Capitol with a retractable roof. (via

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