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Alternative/underground music review webzine Pitchfork Media has an article on file-sharing after AudioGalaxy. All the clients there (other than the one using the dead inefficient Gnutella system) are proprietary Windows-only clients, and, as they point out, not unlikely to contain spyware and other such nasties. (That's the consequence of file-sharing being driven underground; to use it, one has to truck with people of flexible ethics; much like the case with drugs.) Though they don't mention any open-source systems, such as the Circle. (via Jimbob)


Which character from The King in Yellow are you? It says I'm Prince Thale. I've got a copy of it sitting around; one day I'll have to actually get around to reading it. (via Lukelog)


USA to UN Bosnian peace mission: "Screw you guys, I'm going home!".


You can't keep a good nutter down, it seems. Former BBC snooker presenter David Icke, these days best known for his beliefs that the world is run by a sinister cabal of shape-shifting lizards, is making his TV comeback. Icke, who also claims to be the "Son of God", will be presenting a show named 'Headf**k' on the Sci-Fi cable/satellite channel (presumably in the US), and will put forward his bizarre ideas to a broader audience.

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