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Thought for the day: Consciousness is a meat byproduct.

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In the US, legislation has been proposed to allow copyright holders to attack computers involved in file-sharing networks with impunity. However, with the global nature of networks, the RIAA/MPAA staff or executives could face prison time in Australia, where breaking into computers is a crime, regardless of justifications.

(If it came to that, I doubt that Jack Valenti or Hilary Rosen would see the inside of a Victorian prison for very long. Diplomatic and economic pressure would probably get them out swiftly, and the Howard government would undoubtedly attempt to rush through laws legalising such activities, as long as it's for large, respectable corporations. And if Labor and what's left of the Democrats blocked the legislation and the courts stubbornly refused to drop such charges, US economic sanctions would probably persuade the uppity Australians to toe the line. Still, it's a nice idea.)


Two English teenagers thought they were going on a holiday to Australia -- only to discover that they were in Canada. They suspected that the aircraft was too small, and discovered where they really were uon seeing a sign reading "welcome to Sydney, Canada". The mistake was believed to be the fault of the travel agent.

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