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French radio station Planet Claire Aligre has a lot of MP3s of live shows by indie bands including Piano Magic, The Field Mice, Art of Fighting, Cat Power and more. (Annoyingly, the site requires Java for actual links to appear. If Java doesn't work on your machine, you can manually pull the URLs out of the page source, though.) (via S?x and Sunshine)

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Urbanoids is like a Java-based version of Paradroid, only open-source and set in a city. It's also written by former Commodore 64 game programmer Karn Hörnell (author of various Players games, including Fungus). Nice to know such people are still around and doing things. (via NtK)

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Today I bought a photograph storage box, and rounded up all (I think) of the paper satchels of photographs and negatives (remember those? it's what people had before digital cameras) that I took over the past decade or two; well, all the ones I have been able to find. They almost fit in the box. I sat down and looked through them, all those scenes from the various places I have lived, echoes of the lives of the people I have been; frozen moments from the past, which were new and immediate back then. Looking at the photographs, I felt inspired to put on a Field Mice CD.